Selling Sunset has fast become everyone’s favourite real estate reality show, but it turns out we don’t know as much about The Oppenheim Group as we first thought. Although we feel like even we’re an employee at the Group, there are many other realtors who aren’t shown.

One of the biggest names includes well known YouTuber Graham Stephan. Season 3 has given us a lot of drama, but we’re definitely ready for Graham to add some more!

Will Graham Stephan appear in a Selling Sunset episode in the future? Or has he already featured in one?

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Who is Graham Stephan?

Graham Stephan is a 30-year-old YouTuber with 2 million subscribers. He was raised in Santa Monica, California and he currently still resides in LA. 

Although he is known to most from his Youtube Channel, Graham is also a realtor. He works for no other than The Oppenheim Group, featured on Selling Sunset. The two go hand in hand as his YouTube channel consists of videos about investing money in real estate. As well as this Graham also has videos on tips about saving money and investing. 

Graham actually started working in real estate before he became a YouTuber. In fact, according to Jason Oppenheim, he was one of the first agents to be signed, after getting his real estate license just after his 18th Birthday. His notable clients include Orlando Bloom, Chloe Moretz and Wale among many others.

Since getting his license, Graham has gone from strength to strength! According to the Oppenheim Group site, Since 2008, Graham has sold over $125,000,000 of Residential Real Estate and continues to increase his sales volume year-after-year! And that’s without his YouTube money! 

So how much can Graham make from his Youtube? He was featured on Forbes for making $100,000 in one month and he disclosed in 2018 his total revenue for the year from YouTube was $253,318.02!

So with real estate and his YouTube combined, Graham has a whopping estimated net worth of $6 million at the age of 30!

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Is Graham Stephan in Selling Sunset?

Graham is a notable part of The Oppenheim Group but is he going to appear on Selling Sunset? Fans are keen to see more of him after he appeared briefly on Season 1 at Chrishell’s dinner party and occasionally appears in the background of the show. 

However, Graham is not the only realtor who is not heavily featured on the show. Many others on the books are not featured including Nicole Young, Peter Cornell and Alice Kwan.  

In an interview with Metro UK, Jason Oppenheim opened up about the ‘secret relators.’ Speaking about getting Graham on the show he said:

Graham has now become a YouTube sensation, so he’s doing less real estate and more YouTube.  ‘But I’d love to have Graham more involved. Especially because on YouTube we’re always getting, “Why isn’t Graham Stephan on there?

“So I hope to get him on more, but he’s focusing more on YouTube business. He’s become such a superstar on YouTube now.”

Of course, even though he’s not heavily featured on the show Graham is friends with the rest of the Selling Sunset cast members behind the scenes. Cast member Christine Quinn even features in some of Graham’s YouTube videos!

YouTuber ‘Savannah Smiles’ has also posted a collab with Graham where he reacts to the small scenes he’s in on Selling Sunset. So if you wanted to get your fix of Graham in Selling Sunset, that’s where you can go in the meantime!

We’ve got our fingers crossed for Graham Stephan in at least one Selling Sunset episode in Season 4!

Graham Stephan on Instagram

As we know, Graham has a busy life, so fans can keep up with his life on Instagram. At the moment, he currently has 256k followers on the platform. 

Graham mentions the fact he’s a realtor at The Oppenheim Group in his Instagram bio before he mentions he’s a YouTuber so could that mean he’ll be becoming a regular on Selling Sunset soon? (We’re clutching on to anything at this point!)

Although Graham doesn’t post much, he still shares much about his personal life, including his girlfriend, who he recently celebrated his first anniversary with. 

We’re sure if Graham decides to star in Selling Sunset his Instagram followers will be the first to know!

Selling Sunset seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Netflix.