Corey Gamble is known as Kris Jenner’s boyfriend and Kardashian series regular – but what do we really know about the guy? Let’s find out more about Corey’s age, job and net worth.

When Corey and Kris first started dating, everyone – including the Kardashian sisters themselves – wanted to know who he was. Not only that, but how does Kris have time to date when she’s managing her entire family?

I mean, we know Corey is a lot younger than Kris – hey, age is just a number, but how old is Corey? And how did he and Kris meet?

Well, we’re going to delve deeper into the life of Corey Gamble, and find out KUWTK Corey’s age, job, net worth – and of course, his Instagram!

KUWTK Corey Gamble

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Who is Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble?

Corey Gamble is most well-known for his relationship with Kardashian mum – and manager – Kris Jenner.

In fact, it would appear the KUWTK star was relatively unknown to most people until their relationship began in 2014.

So, what exactly do we know about Corey?

Well, Corey is 39 years old – yes, that’s 25 years younger than Kris! He is originally from Atlanta where he also went to college and studied Business Marketing.

Whilst Corey may not have been well-recognized among KUWTK fans before his relationship with Kris, he is certainly successful within his industry. In fact, Corey Gamble is actually a tour manager, and it might surprise you to know he works for Scooter Braun – the man responsible for Justin Bieber’s rise to fame!

So, now we know the age of KUWTK’s Corey – what do we know about his relationship with Kris Jenner?

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Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner: How did the couple meet?

Corey and Kris first started dating back in 2014, so the couple have been together for six years now!

The pair met at a birthday party in Ibiza, although it is now reported that Corey isn’t really a ‘party guy’ anymore.

Of course, KUWTK fans won’t be surprised to learn that Corey wasn’t welcomed into the Kardashian household to begin with. In fact, there were some incredibly tense scenes when Corey first appeared among the family.

So, why was Corey not welcomed by the celeb family?

Well, initially, there was a lot of speculation as to Corey’s intentions with Kris. Yes, the family – particularly Kim and Khloe, were suspicious of the tour manager. Although, its fair to say that Corey wasn’t always the easiest character to get on with, and made some outspoken comments, as reported by People, surrounding Kourtney and Scott’s parenting skills!

Not only that, but Corey and Kris are rumoured to have split several times during their relationship. In fact, even last year there were rumours of a breakup fuelled by an Instagram post that Kris shared labeling herself “SWF” (Single White Female). Although this was later updated, we assume after the couple made up!

And now? Well, things seem to be smooth sailing between the couple, although we will see once KUWTK returns next month for season 18 episode 7!

So, what about Corey’s net worth? Is he as successful as his 60 million dollar girlfriend?

What is KUWTK Corey Gamble’s Net Worth?

As we know, Corey Gamble is a successful tour manager, and has reportedly worked closely with Justin Bieber – that’s a pretty big claim to fame.

But what exactly is the KUWTK regular’s net worth?

Well, Corey Gamble’s net worth, according to is reported to be around $3 million – for all you UK readers out there, that’s over 2 million pounds!

Of course, if you follow Corey on Instagram it’s not exactly a surprise – and if not? Well, let’s take a closer look at his Instagram profile!

Corey Gamble on Instagram

Yes, if you follow the KUWTK star and boyfriend to Kris Jenner on Instagram, perhaps his net worth won’t come as a surprise.

The 39-year-old regularly shares snaps of himself on his private jet, on his boat, and many other places that make us want to switch lives with him.

But what can we learn about Corey from his Instagram profile?

Well, the guy is clearly loved up with Kris Jenner, and the couple regularly feature in cute photos together!

Corey is also a fan of skiing; in yet more envy-inducing posts we can see him hitting the slopes and showing off his skills!

If you want to know more about Corey Gamble, you can follow him on Instagram where he currently has 1 million followers!

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