Since the inception of Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn has caused quite a stir. From her tough exterior and barbed comments to her funny one-liners and outlandish wardrobe—she certainly aims to shock. But none so much as when she returned to season two, sporting a VERY well off fiancée. Season 3 saw the marriage of Ms Quinn and one Mr Christian Richard, and it was certainly opulent. But while we have seen a little of the relationship, Christian remains somewhat of an enigma. Just who is Christine Quinn’s husband? How did the Selling Sunset couple meet?

Allow us to dish the (not so filthy) dirt on this self-made man! From what we hear, he has a lot of time and money on his hands. Surely Christine will be more than happy to help him spend it?

Christine Quinn Selling Sunset husband

Christine Quinn Selling Sunset husband Netflix

Selling Sunset: Meet Christine Quinn’s husband

Unless Selling Sunset pulled the biggest stunt every by fabricating a fake wedding, yes they are! After a whirlwind romance, they were engaged on February 14th, 2018.

Christian met Christine in an unusual way too. After moving from the east coast to LA, he went on a date with one of Christine’s friends. She reportedly was not interested, but told Quinn to go out with him instead! She then went on to sell him a house on her books. Paying a cool $5 million (around £3,821,000) for the property, of which she pocketed $150,000 (just under £115,000) from the deal.

Christine has admitted she used to imagine living there whilst running open houses. We can literally see the manifestation of her dreams as she walks through the door to her lavish home.

Popping the question whilst travelling the world in his private jet, they married 15th December 2019. The setting was incredible. The cathedral in Los Angeles was decked out in all white. The guests also wore white, and Quinn wore a jet black dress decked out in lace and a voluminous skirt.

A testament to her independent spirit, she walked down the aisle alone. Her sole bridesmaid was a little girl, also dressed in black. We suspect this little cutie to be a relative of Richard, based on her greeting of him at the altar.

Christine Quinn was reportedly upset with how Selling Sunset showed her wedding. Throughout the ceremony, the show’s focus centred on Chrishell’s emotional turmoil after husband Justin Hartley filed for divorce. Being at the wedding must have been difficult, having moved out of the shared home only days before.

Justin Hartley Chrishell Stause house: inside their $4.65m home!

Christine Quinn Weds Christian Richard

Christine and Christian stating their vows – Netflix

How old is Christian Richard?

Christian is 41 years old. Born in 1979, he is around 10 years Christine’s senior. Christina graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston and made big waves in a couple of areas.

Whilst information of his many ventures is limited, his status as a successful Software Engineer cannot be denied. He’s said to have worked at a few companies in the valley, he also brought his skills to some lucrative development projects. He was even involved in the very first food delivery service—the western world thanks, you Christian!

Yes, the newly-nabbed husband was so successful he was able to retire at 35! With a net worth currently estimated at around $20 million (roughly £15,280,000). He is so rich, in fact, that there was reportedly no budget for the wedding. There is really no assurance the couple understands how much they spent in the end!

Christine herself openly admits to using his credit card while he sleeps. Going so far as to delete the bank notifications from his phone! “Some call it fraud, I call it love” she smiles [Season 2, Episode 4]. Given her adoration of Louis Vuitton, it’s certain the missing sums would be noticeable in most bank accounts. Not so for Christian, it would seem.

Christine Quinn home

The $5 million property that net Christine Quinn $150,000 commission, and a fiancée! Netflix

Are Christine Quinn and Christian Richard a good match?

Whilst there are some marked differences between Christine and Christian, the match appears well suited. Christine is known for her extroverted character, she loves to be the centre of attention. Conversely, Christian is characterised as a ‘shy guy’. His nature is to avoid the limelight. Perhaps this is why his former career is so hushed?

Marrying Christine, however, has made being invisible almost impossible. Christian admits he wasn’t aware of her reality television fame until Selling Sunset fans approached her in the street. By then, it was too late for his poor heart.

The newly appointed husband appears on Selling Sunset alongside Christine Quinn quite a few times. Despite his shyness. At the engagement party, the retiring (pardon the pun) tech magnate gushed about his fiancée, telling the revellers:

I met you in Beverly Hills not even a year ago. I absolutely fell head over heels in love with you. We had a dinner, she was wearing this red dress, and we hit it off in the car. We had, like, instant banter. And that’s really special. You don’t get that too often. I pursued her, and she is a tough catch. But, here we are now, she is amazing. She compliments me perfectly, we are building an amazing life together, and I love you.” [Selling Sunset, season 2 episode 4]

Straight after the wedding, they took off in his private jet, honeymooning in Siem Reap (Cambodia) and Phuket (Thailand). This year has been a little less jet-set for the couple since Covid-19 put a stop to travel plans. Instead, they’ve been enjoying the calm of their $5 million mansion!

Christine and husband Christian

Christine Quinn Selling Sunset husband Netflix

Will we see more of Christine and Husband on Season 4 of Selling Sunset?

With so much drama playing out over 3 seasons, there is sure to be a fourth season. We need to see how Chrishell Stause is getting on. We certainly need to see more of Amanza Smith Brown. Her outspoken and lively attitude and her humble beginnings have given her a huge following on social media. If you need your Amanza fix between now and then, we have you covered.

Amanza Selling Sunset Instagram: we found her!

We are also desperate to see more of Selling Sunset’s resident angel Maya Vander. From motherhood to splitting time between Miami and LA, we have to wonder, will she be at the Oppenheim Group for much longer?

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Most of all, we want to see more of those lavish dream homes. And certainly more of the drama! Perhaps we will be getting more than bargained for. Christine has already hinted at wanting to leave the Oppenheim Group, citing Jason’s favouritism for Mary Fitzgerald as a potential reason. The Selling Sunset star hinted that she thinks their feelings run deeper than mere co-worker esteem or friends. Plus! There are rumours that Brett Oppenheim is leaving the brokerage to start a new brokerage. Could we see a brotherly rivalry on our hands?

Co-owners and twins Jason & Brett Oppenheim – Netflix

Will it be ‘Happily Ever After’ for Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn and Christian Richard?

Like many people, you may have wondered: how old is Christine Quinn of Selling Sunset? Now we know, she is 31 years old. Ten years younger than her beau. Born 14th October 1988, currently worth a suspected $2 million (£1,525,000), and living the best life you could imagine!

Not only a self-made real estate agent, but she also models for various companies and rumour has it she is starting a few online businesses. Christine’s Instagram is a bevvy of ventures, outfits and travels (beware the green-eyed monster).

The star has even hinted at wanting to create a lifestyle blog. On a recent episode of Dear Media’s podcast ‘Not Skinny But Not Fat’, Christine Quinn talks Selling Sunset, her new husband, ‘bad’ edits’, her beef with Chrishell, and future projects. This glimpse into the future is tantalising but vague. She admits that the project is still to take a solid form in her mind.

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Even Christine’s Tik Tok account is entertaining, showing off her fun side. Her TikTok videos refer to herself and the Selling Sunset cast as to being ‘the plastics’ (a reference to the hit teen film ‘Mean Girls) whilst also poking fun at her colleagues.

Her success comes from her unbelievable work ethic. As a self-professed ‘drama geek’ who was bullied at school, it’s clear she used her past to toughen up. Her cool calm exterior may be a façade (how much, we can never truly know), but it certainly paid dividends.

christine quinn selling sunset husband


Certainly, the Selling Sunset star shares an entrepreneurial spirit with her husband. And whilst he is shy, her flamboyant nature balances this out. Plus, there is nothing shy about the way they both spend money!

We hope it will be a long and happy marriage. And if it isn’t, you can rely on us to dish the dirt. Be sure to keep checking back for more of the juiciest information. We love to live vicariously through these lavish LA socialites as much as you do!