American reality show Selling Sunset is the currently trending on Netflix. Ideal for binge-watchers, we’ve had three series of the show airing in just over a year. Selling Sunset showcases the drama of a bunch of elite real estate brokers, so the show has a lot of strong personalities. New realtor to the Oppenheim Group Chrishell, has definitely stolen fans hearts. She’s been through her fair share of struggles and the audience have been right there with her, especially in the latest season. 

Season 3, which aired at the start of August, took fans behind the scenes of the infamous surprise divorce between Chrishell and her ex-husband. With all the drama, you’d be surprised that she still looks so youthful. But just how old is Chrishell from Selling Sunset?

Chrishell Selling Sunset

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Who is Chrishell from Selling Sunset?

Chrishell is one of the stars of Netflix show Selling Sunset. Although she is known as Chrishell her full name is actually Terrina Chrishell Stause. She was born in the state of Kentucky, USA. Fans of the show will know Chrishell came from a poor background, as she talked about in Season 2.

However, Chrishell achieved a lot in her adult life when she became an actress, meaning she was no stranger to the cameras before Selling Sunset. She has had previous roles on TV including Jordan Ridgeway on Days of our Lives and Amanda Dillon on All My Children

She was famously married to Justin Hartley from 2017-2019, and the pair shared a $4.65m home together. Justin is also an actor, known for his roles in American soap operas Passions and The Young and The Reckless. He is most recently known for his role in the award winning series This is Us

Unfortunately the marriage did not work out and Justin filed for divorce in November 2019. The breakdown became one of the most talked about parts of season 3 of Selling Sunset.

The surprise divorce left everyone, including Chrishell, stunned. The reactions were filmed and aired on Selling Sunset, with Chrishell learning Justin had filed for divorce over text. Chrishell also revealed that she only found out Justin had filed 45 minutes before the whole world with articles circulating the web. 

How old is Chrishell Stause?

Chrishell has definitely been through and achieved a lot in her life but how old is she? 

Chrishell was born on 21st July 1981, making her 39 years old and a Cancer. This means she got married to Justin at 36 years old. 

Chrishell recently celebrated her 39th Birthday, sharing the celebrations with her friends on social media.

The first season of Selling Sunset aired at the start of 2019 when Chrishell was 37, but what was she doing before then?

What did Chrishell do before Selling Sunset?

We’ve seen Chrishell’s recent years played out onto our TV screens, but what she doing before then?

The Selling Sunset star actually started her career off as an actor after achieving her BA in Theatre from Murray State University. 

She started off acting in soap operas including Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless in the early days of her career, before she landed her first leading role in a film in the 2018 thriller Eve of Abduction

Of course, Chrishell also worked in real estate and joined The Oppenheim Group at the start of filming of Selling Sunset which is what landed her the role in the Netflix Original show.

As for Chrishell’s dating life, she was previously engaged to actor Mathew Morrison before Justin, back in 2006. However, unfortunately the engagement to the Glee star ended a year later, in 2007. 

What is Chrishell Stause’s Instagram handle?

So, we know all about Chrishell’s past but for any Selling Sunset fans, who want to keep up with Chrishell’s future her handle is, @chrishell.stause. Many fans of the show have already found the realtor on the platform as she has almost 1 million followers! 

Chrishell posts a wide variety of content on her page including promo for Selling Sunset (of course) but also takes fans deeper into her private life. She recently posted an emotional tribute to her mother after her passing earlier this year.

We’re sending Chrishell all our love!

Selling Sunset Season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.