Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the latest season of Selling Sunset after it was confirmed back in May by Netflix that there would be a further two seasons dropping on its platform. However, there is no confirmed release date of the season yet. Although a lot of behind the scenes information has already been leaked about the departure of certain castmates from the Oppenheim, it has confirmed the team will all be back together for this season.

It has also been confirmed by Netflix two new glamourous agents will be joining the team. Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan. So who is Vanessa Selling Sunset? Here’s all we know about the star so far.

Introducing Vanessa Selling Sunset

With newbie Vanessa joining the team, it is likely to cause even more drama amongst the agents. Vanessa Villela is a 43-year-old Mexican American actress turned Real Estate agent. Although she was born in Mexico and spent a lot of her life there back in 2017, Vanessa advised that she become an American citizen and now is based in LA.

Vanessa went to a performing arts and entertainment institution in Mexico to pursue her acting career. Despite acting for most of her adult life, she hasn’t been credited for any acting work since 2018.

Where have I seen Vanessa Villela before?

If you’re a fan of Mexican shows, Villela has been in a lot of tv series. Due to her career starting back in 1999, she has a lot of experience under her belt. Including Romántica obsesión, inocentes o culpables and El Chema. According to her Wikipedia page, she has at least 18 different character roles for a large number of shows.

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Vanessa Selling Sunset
Instagram credit @vannevillela

Is Vanessa Villela a real estate agent?

Yes, it appears Vanessa has more recently has gotten into real estate. Although it isn’t clear when she got her license, she has been welcomed with open arms to the Oppenheim Group. Featuring pictures with the cast on her social media. When sharing the news of her casting in Selling Sunset on Instagram, she says

I am so excited! 😬 Not only because I was able to manifest this dream of blending my background in acting with my latest passion in real estate but because I want to help empower and show others to never give up on yourself or your dreams.

Making it clear that she is a late starter in the real estate world, but she’s more than happy to follow her dreams.

What are her social channels?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Vanessa Selling Sunset, you can find out more on her social media channels.

The 43-year-old has a Twitter account that you can find at @vanevillela, and an Instagram found here.

We can’t wait to see how Vanessa gets on during the latest season of Selling Sunset, and hopefully soon, we have more details to share.