Who is the Love Island Narrator 2021

Love Island has so many twists and turns it can sometimes be hard to keep up with. However, there is one thing that always stays the same. That thing is the narrator of the show. Since the show started airing in 2015, Iain Stirling has been a huge hit with viewers of the show. The Scottish comedian has a way with words and says what we are all thinking.

The Love Island narrator always brings witty humour to our screens. Although his voice is well known amongst the viewers, fans don’t know a lot about who Iain actually is. So who is Iain Stirling, where is he from, and who is he married to?

Love Island Narrator Iain Stirling

Courtesy of @IainDoesJokes Instagram

Who is Iain Stirling

Iain Stirling is a 33-year-old best known for being funny and, of course, the voice over on Love Island. Since he started his career in 2007, he has a range of interesting roles in his portfolio. His early years in the spotlight taking him to CBBC. Presenting numerous children’s shows. Such as Scoop, 12 again, and his longest-running show, The Dog Ate My Homework.

Alongside his TV roles, Stirling continued his love for comedy, which provided him with the chance to tour with Russell Kane and also appear on Russell Howard’s Good News. Following this, Iain also appeared on Stand Up Central for Comedy Central.

More recently, he was a contestant on Taskmaster and in March 2021, he confirmed the release of a new sitcom with Steve Bugeja. Called Buffering, which is due to air in August.

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Iain Stirling on Love Island

Fans have grown to love Iain Stirling’s sarcastic humour and commentary. Iain confirmed to the BBC back in 2017 that he only sees what the viewers see. Therefore it is likely Iain writes his own jokes for the show. Although you never see Iain’s face during the show, he makes his feelings and opinions known.

Despite doing the voice over for the ITV show, Iain also shares his one-liners over on Twitter. Alongside his general thoughts on the show and responding to fans.

Who is Iain Stirling married to?

Iain Stirling is married to Laura Whitmore, who just so happens to now be the presenter of the ITV2 show.

Since Laura Whitmore took over the hosting role of Love Island in 2020, Iain has made several jokes and comments referencing his wife, and it’s so cute! Including when Laura was announced as the new host. Iain posted on his Instagram, “The new #loveisland host seems nice. I wonder if she’s single…”

Although the pair tried to keep it on the down-low for the first year of their relationship, Laura and Iain are now very much about sharing their relationship, and fans love it! The Love Island duo more recently have had a baby together, which allowed the couple to bask in their pregnancy privately due to lockdown. Not only this, but it allowed the couple to get married in secret.

To find out more about Iain, you can find him on Instagram here.