Matthew Barnett is a 30-year-old who stared on the Netflix show Love Is Blind, which aired last year and is known as Barnett in the season. Despite the show seeming like it was a success for multiple couples. However, with only two couples making it, including Barnett, a wife, in the pods. It seems Matt and Amber live a fairly normal life now, apart from attending After The Altar reunion parties and gaining many social media followers.

The TV show, which aired during the lockdown, attracted millions of viewers, leaving the contestants of the show thrown into overnight fame. However, it seems despite his fame on the show; Matt is still working a full-time job. At the same company which he has worked for the last 2 years and 6 months, according to his Linkedin. He may have taken the job after filming due to the time it took to air. Matt actually has the most detailed job profile out of all of the contestants on the show.

So what did we find out about Matt Barnett from his Linkedin? Keep reading to find out.

Matt Barnett Linkedin

What does Matt Barnett do for a living?

According to Matt Barnett’s Linkedin, he currently has two jobs, the first being a business owner at Barnett Social Media LLC. However, other than stating the job and that the company started in December 2020, there isn’t any more information.

When searching for the Love is Blind business online, his Instagram is the top search. This potentially means it manages his own social media and any business enquiries for him and his wife.

Barnett also works for a construction company, a job that is time-consuming and but also well paid. Although his Linkedin specifies very little about this job, it does say that he works for New South Construction.

Barnett with Amber and fellow Love is Blind couple | Instagram @barnettisblind

What is his degree in?

Matt Barnett has a BSc in Environmental Engineering which he achieved in 2013. According to his Linkedin page, the degree appears to have taken Barnett down the path of becoming an engineer. He advises that this includes resigning industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

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Where has Barnett worked previously?

Matt has a range of different jobs on his Linkedin, the earlier jobs on Linkedin are a professional dog bather at PetSmart for 11 months! Alongside Lab Assistant, his first job was listed on his profile from 2011 when he was at college. His lab job was part of his Environmental Engineering source at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

More recent jobs include Field Engineer for Baker Hughes and Project Engineer for 3 years at E. Escher Inc.

Other information on his Linkedin

When looking through Barnetts Linkedin, you can see he’s a focused person who drives to succeed. Alongside his impressive portfolio of jobs, he also has volunteering work on his profile! Including assisting children with special needs playing football, and being part of the Katrina response team after the hurricane.