Heather is one of the more sweet-natured realtors on the Netflix hit Selling Sunset. The show covers the professional lives of colleagues at Los Angeles brokerage The Oppenheim Group. She had a slightly rocky relationship in the first season but bounced back in season 2. Meeting Tarek El Moussa in early July 2019, she was well and truly smitten within one month of them dating. But is Heather from Selling Sunset still with Tarek in season 3?

The pace was undoubtedly speedy when they first met. The pair actually moved in together “less than a week after our first date” according to Tarek [@therealtarekelmoussa]. But was this just puppy love, or something built to last? Also, what is the deal with Tarek? How did they meet? We have answers to all those need to know questions about marriage, money, divorce, kids—you name it! Follow us through the keyhole…

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heather and tarek

Heather & Tarek play ‘The Newly Dating Game’ for US Weekly

How did Tarek Meet Heather?

Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young caught Tarek’s eye when they were moored on separate yachts next to each other around the 4th of July. They exchanged numbers, started texting and it escalated from there. Both were head over heels by the close of July!

Reportedly, they met previously when Heather was still dating Hockey player Nick. Alas, their relationship didn’t survive his career move to European Sweden.

Lucky for Tarek, who is worth an estimated $10 million! Lucky for Heather, who is worth an estimated $3 million. Not that she needs his money of course. The successful Realtor is a former Playmate (of Hugh Hefner fame), swimsuit, lingerie and glamour model, and even has some acting under her belt!

Perhaps the pair bonded over their shared realty knowledge? Tarek El Moussa has his own hit show ‘Flip or Flop’, which he co-hosts with now ex-wife Christina Anstead. More on this delicious story later!

Whatever the spark between them, some of it was pure animal attraction. Tarek notes that, when he saw her, she “did that thing to my tummy”. His Instagram post gets even soppier than that:

“You just never know what tomorrow brings. I just want to let the world know I met someone special that makes me want to be a better man.” [Instagram @therealtarekelmoussa]

That was just over a year ago, but are they together now? Amazingly, this whirlwind romance has stood the test of time. That’s right, not only are they still together, but they are engaged! So before they tie the knot, lets dish the dirt on the man who stole Heather’s heart.

Who is Tarek El Moussa?

Tarek El Moussa was born in California on the 21st August 1981, and raised in Buena Park. His father is of Moroccan heritage, hence his exotic sounding name. At 21 he got his real-estate license, and went on to start a brokerage firm with his first wife.

Put simply, Tarek is a self-made man. He came from humble beginnings, using his signature energy and tireless work-ethic to turn his passion into millions of dollars.

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What really made his name in la-la land, however, was in pitching a television show around how to flip a house…when he didn’t have any prior experience! That’s right, Tarek learned everything he could about the do’s and don’ts of flipping on the job. What he did know was how to sell a house. As he quickly became one of LA’s go-to realtors, he used this knowledge to leverage his position.

Being best known for the successful show Flip or Flop has its value. He has taught many people how to buy properties, do them up and sell them on! Knowing there is huge money in this game, it quickly became a successful guide for millions of American. Plus, who doesn’t love a home renovation show?

Since his divorce from Christina Anstead, he started his own television show Flipping 101, which aired in the spring of this year. He has also appeared in such hit shows as Rock The Block and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Aside from television, Tarek is a busy man. In one recent video exploring a day in his life, he ran through his roster of responsibilities.

“I’m managing about 80 rental properties, I am currently flipping 30 houses, I have 7 different companies, I’m shooting digital series… on top of all that still running the company, still being a dad.” [A Day in the Life of Tarek El Moussa – HGTV]

There may be some exciting news on the horizon concerning Heather, Selling Sunset and Tarek: read on to find out more!

tarek el moussa and father

‘Best friends’ Tarek and his dad

What happened with Christina El Moussa and Tarek? The Ex vs Selling Sunset Star Heather  

Christina and Tarek were married in 2009, and have two children. A daughter, Taylor, born in 2010, and son Brayden, born in 2015. Their first business venture together was in real estate, forming Tarek & Christina: The El Moussa Group. In 2018 he became sole owner of The El Moussa Group.

It was only in 2011 that Tarek decided to do something wild, and forever change his trajectory.

He recorded an audition for HGTV, selling the format that become Flip or Flop. His one in a million punt paid off, and the show aired in 2012, presented by the couple.

tarek el moussa

Tarek and Christina in 2011, on their winning audition tape for HGTV

In 2013, Tarek Diagnosed with testicular cancer and thyroid cancer. But after radiation treatment, he managed to come back with the all clear. Tensions began to arise following the birth of their son. Returning to work within 4 weeks, Christine began feeling overwhelmed. The couple separated in 2016 following an incident where the police were called to their home.

Since divorcing in 2017, the pair continued to work on Flip or Flop, co-parenting their children with ease. Tarek describes his working relationship with Christina post-divorce as very different. “I put my foot down more” he smiled on Entertainment Tonight [ET, August 2019].

Christina El Moussa became Christina Anstead after marrying long-term boyfriend Ant Anstead. Not strolling far from the tree, Ant is also a TV personality. Only he specialises in fast cars!

When news of their relationship first broke, many were quick to note the similarities between Heather and Christina. Apparently, he just has a type! Heather has in fact been fully accepted into the family, and both exes and their partners are happily co-parenting the two kids. Both Tarek and Christina have also gone on to create their own business ventures, and support each other as friends.

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Is there more to come from Heather and Tarek in new Selling Sunset?

Given that Brett has now left the Oppenheim Group to form his own brokerage, there is no doubt to be a fourth season. And now that we know this whirlwind romance has resulted in an engagement, there is sure to be a 3rd Selling Sunset wedding!

On Selling Sunset, we have seen it all! A couple of breakups, one divorce and two weddings! We’ve seen Mary and Romain’s beach-chic affair, Christina and Christian’s Gothic fairytale. Now we are wondering: what kind of wedding would the fun and fabulous Heather and Tarek choose?

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It is certain to be less over the top than Christine’s, and more glamorous than Mary’s!

Regardless of their wedding, we hope to see some of Tarek on the show. Their appearances together on other shows has been numerous, including the cheesier ‘New Dating Game’ for US Weekly. this gave insight into domestic bliss, which was needed as he has been absent from Selling Sunset up until now. Heather has even hinted at Tarek ‘joining her’ on the Selling Sunset. Given his real-estate knowledge, and Romain’s role as Project Manager, perhaps he’ll be another husband given a role within the business?

So stay tuned for more madness in Selling Sunset. We keep our finger on the pulse so you don’t have to!

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