Diamond Jack
Diamond Jack – Netflix – Love Is Blind

It’s been two years since the making of Love is Blind, the unique experiment that challenged singletons to make a connection without ever laying eyes on each other. An experiment that can only be considered as Love Island meets Married At First Sight. The contestants spend time getting to know each other in pods before getting engaged. Once the engagement has been made, the couples meet face to face and head off for a honeymoon styled vacation in Mexico. Before hitting the altar. With only two remaining couples to date, fans wonder what happened between Diamond and her ex-fiance.

With three new episodes, as part of a catch-up, fans got an insight into what the Love Is Blind crew is doing with their lives now. Diamond Jack from Love is Blind is one of the couples who made it to the holiday stage from the pods. However, this is where things got complicated.

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Are Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton still together?

At first, fans were delighted that their favourite contestant Diamond Jack had found love in the pods, but something changed when the pair went to Mexico. Carlton confessed about being bisexual, which made Diamond feel like she was misled. This led to Morton and Jack ending in an explosive argument, where Diamond left Mexico and didn’t see each other again until the reunion special at the end of the season.

In the reunion, Carlton apologised to Diamond by getting on one knee and apologising, asking if they could give their friendship (and potentially relationship) another chance. Although Diamond accepted the apology, their paths haven’t crossed again as far as we are aware.

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Diamond Jack
Diamonds Ex-Fiance Carlton – Netflix

Who is Diamond dating on Love is Blind: After The Altar?

With the follow up on Netflix, fans were excited to see the return of Diamond and wondering if she’d found herself a new man. A fellow contestant on the show, Ebony Alexis, set Jack up on a blind date with Rumeal, her boyfriend’s friend.

It seemed everything was going great between the pair, to begin with. But that quickly changed, at the After The Altar anniversary party. Which Diamond attended together with Rumeal, Ebony and her boyfriend. It seemed to be going well to start with. However, Rumeal got upset that he wasn’t getting much attention as Diamond Jack spent time with her fellow castmates. This led to him storming off. Following on from this, he ghosted Diamond.

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Is Diamond Jack in a relationship?

Judging by the stars Instagram, it seems Diamond is currently single; however, her feed is full of luxurious photos of her and her pals. She also has her own successful business called The Lady Box and is looking tremendous whilst doing it. Diamond appears to be content with her life, as she has her girls around her and a fantastic career ahead. With this being said, we are shocked she hasn’t found herself a long term love connection as she deserves it for sure.