New Netflix stalwart Selling Sunset has been driving us all wild lately. Pitched as a show that plots the business successes of housing brokerage The Oppenheim Group, the show’s focus is anything but bricks and mortar. Owned by twin brothers Brett and Jason Oppenheim, their employees have become real showstoppers. But, now we are wondering: Who is Jason? Perhaps most importantly: Does Jason Oppenheim have a spouse? Or is he still available for dates?

Yes, the beautiful, bright and driven women who strive to sell the biggest and best houses in L.A. have been at the forefront of our minds. But now we are looking for more information on our favourite pint-sized realtor.

Allow us to fling the cover open on this closed book!

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selling sunset jason and brett oppenheim

Brett & Jason Oppenheim hard at work on Selling Sunset – Netflix

How Much Are the Oppenheim Brothers Worth?

Being a twin must come with its own set of rivalries. That being said, both brothers seem to have followed the same trajectory.

Originally lawyers, at forty, both twins both left law to pursue a career in realty. Jason stopped practicing law after Brett, following family footsteps to become a realtor. Both spent many years grafting to get off the ground.

In an interview with silent Oppenheim group realtor Graham Stephan, Jason speaks candidly about how hard those initial years were. Even despite their family background in realty. Between 2007 and now, they worked tirelessly to bring about their fortune. Look at them now! They have built an impressive standing in LA. We can also confirm that Orlando Bloom’s L.A. home is currently on their books.

Interested? The price tag is a cool $9 million!

Not that this is the most expensive house the brothers have sold under their name. Nope, season one opens on Oppenheim group employees taking a grand tour around a $40 million new build! This was later sold by (shock-horror) Jason himself!

But, that’s not even the highest priced house on their books. Currently, the Oppenheim Group is trying to sell a $75 million home under the guidance of Davina Potratz.

All these multi-million dollar houses sold mean hefty commissions as well. From the sale of the $40 million house alone, the Oppenheim group pocketed a glorious $1.2 million!

But what does all this mean in terms of actual net worth? Well, the brothers are said to each hold a fortune of $50 million, or around £38 million.

Does Jason Oppenheim Have a Spouse?

With all that money at your disposal and the incredible work ethic, it may not surprise you to learn Jason is still single. This makes him a very eligible bachelor indeed.

Yes Jason Oppenheim does not have a spouse and is very much still enjoying his single life. Recently, ‘Hello!’ magazine were allowed an exclusive peek into his fresh new pad.

Tantalisingly, Selling Sunset co-star Amanza appears in the photo shoot. Complimenting the style and furnishing of the LA home, she notes that it is very ‘Jason’. Could this be a new relationship on the horizon? Or are they just good friends?

It is hard to say. But we have it on good authority that Jason plays his cards close to his well-toned chest. Within the interview with Hello!, Jason talks about his regrets around the creation of Selling Sunset. Hoping it would be a more real-estate oriented show, he notes:

Had I known the show would be this focused on our personal lives I probably wouldn’t have signed up for it” [Hello! online, August 2020]

Sadly, we may not be front row for any updates on Jason’s current love life. But that won’t stop us digging!

Amanza Selling Sunset Instagram: We Found Her!

Who Has Jason Oppenheim Dated? Have Any Become His Spouse?

The brothers like to keep their personal lives, well personal. Whilst Instagram does show some more candid moments and opulent adventures, not much can be gleaned from this usually valuable source.

Having said that, Jason couldn’t have snuck his former relationship with Mary Fitzgerald past Selling Sunset fans! The pair dated for some time, but split before filming for the show began.

They have remained good friends and co-workers ever since. They are even technically co-parents to Niko and Zelda. No, not children, the two Oppenheim office dogs! Jason Oppenheim does not currently have any children, or any lurking ex spouses.

Yes the pair has a very strong bond. But perhaps even more amazing—Jason has all his new girlfriends meet Mary so she can gauge their suitability.

Perhaps it is this current close relationship that has set tongues wagging about their current status. Christine Quinn, the arguable standout star of Selling Sunset, has made overtures about their love for each other.

Christine Quinn has spoken candidly about the favouritism Jason shows his former partner Mary Fitzgerald. Apparently, Mary’s listings are superior to most of the cast. Christine has gone so far as to hint at leaving the group if it continues.

Jason shows good sense of humour however, posting a photo of him getting arrested by an LA Police officer, caption reading “I gave one too many listings to Mary” [Instagram @jasonoppenheim]

Chrishell Selling Sunset Exes: Who Are They?

Even Chrishell and Heather commented below, showing their good humour about the situation. Notably there was no such message from Christine Quinn!

But there is another ex amidst the Oppenheim roster. One face that you won’t see on the show: that of Nicole Young. Apparently, like a few colleagues, she did not want to appear on the show. But her likeness to Mary proves that he does at least have a type. As they are still firm friends following the split, you can see Jason has a very relaxed and open approach to dating.

jason oppenheim


What Next For the Selling Sunset Owner? Will Jason Oppenheim Ever Claim a Spouse?

Perhaps claim is the wrong word—‘be claimed by a spouse’ is definitely a better phrase. With all the monetary freedom these guys have racked up—and a lot of work still to be done by the Oppenheim group—it seems it will be a while before he gives up the bachelor life.

Whilst the entrepreneur has not ruled out relationships, he speaks plainly about being open to happiness. He confessed to have been happy both inside and outside of relationships. Jason Oppenheim has only one current plan: to continue down this avenue, exploring happiness, and with business at the forefront of his mind.

And if this avenue leads to renouncing the single life, so be it! If, conversely, he embraces the Leonardo DiCaprio lifestyle…well! We will be front and centre bringing you all the latest news from the happy bachelor.

No matter what happens with his personal life, Selling Sunset is sure to hold the juiciest gossip! It doesn’t even have to be related to relationships. Given Brett’s decision to start a new brokerage, and the few Oppenheim employees hinting at jumping ship, season 4 is likely to be fiery! A festival of lavish homes, lush L.A. landscapes, and drama!

Be sure to keep checking in with us for more fun, flirts, drama and gossip from the guys at Selling Sunset.

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