Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald’s watch has caught the eye of fans this season and we’ve found out where it’s from!

Yes, Mary Fitzgerald is becoming a hot topic as Selling Sunset season three lands on Netflix this month. First, it’s her relationship with Jason Oppenheim – and now it’s her accessories!

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It’s not hard to notice that the Oppenheim Group co-workers are always impeccably dressed, down to their shoes, bags and of course, their jewellery.

So, if you love Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald’s watch and want to know if you can get your hands on one – you’re in luck!

Read on to find out where you can get Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald’s watch and other accessories from

Selling Sunset: Where is Mary’s Watch From?

If you’re a fan of Selling Sunset and are watching (or already finished!) season three of the Netflix series, you’ll be familiar with realtor Mary Fitzgerald’s stylish looks.

But one piece that has caught fan’s eyes is her watch that features in several scenes of Selling Sunset.

Now fans want to know, what brand is Mary’s watch? And more importantly, how much does it cost?

Well, unfortunately, Mary hasn’t disclosed the exact make or model of her beautiful watch. But, after some digging online, we may have discovered it ourselves!

Mary Fitzgerald’s watch looks as though it might be the Big Bang Gold Ceramic watch made by Hublot. Whilst it is certainly a gorgeous watch and is currently available to buy, it definitely doesn’t come cheap!

Yes, Selling Sunset Mary Fitzgerald’s watch costs a huge $30,400 – which is around £23,000!

Perhaps we need to get saving our pennies if we want to invest in the same accessories as Mary! Or hope for a net worth like Christine Quinn (yes please!)

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Luckily, there are similar styles to Mary’s watch that are much more affordable. Like the Casio Baby G MSG watch which comes with a much smaller price tag of £179!

Of course, Mary’s watch is only the beginning! The realtor wears a lot of eye-catching clothes and accessories on the show.

Let’s take a look at Mary Fitzgerald’s Selling Sunset style!

Selling Sunset Mary Fitzgerald: Gucci GG Marmont Belt

Another one of Mary’s coveted fashion pieces is her black Gucci ‘GG’ belt.

The belt features in several episodes of the show, most notably Selling Sunset season three episode 7. In this episode, Mary wears the belt to tie together a fitted nude dress and a stylish black cropped blazer.

Of course, an accessory such as the Gucci ‘GG’ belt can go with so many outfits – which is probably why Mary owns one herself!

So, how much is Mary’s Gucci belt?

Well, Mary’s belt is available to buy directly from Gucci themselves, for £250! We say that’s much more affordable than the watch at least!

Mary Fitzgerald: Where Is Her Tote Bag From?

Along with Mary’s incredible taste in watches and belts, we can’t forget about her famous tote bag!

In fact, this bag features in several of Selling Sunset’s episodes but makes an appearance clearly in season three, episode 8 of the Netflix show.

If you’re wondering where Mary’s black transparent shopper bag is from, it is actually by Fendi. The bag is currently available online from Saks Fifth Avenue – for £2,012!

So, as we can see, Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald has expensive taste – but who can blame her.

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