Amanza Selling Sunset is on Instagram – and we found her! Yes, the newest cast member of Netflix show Selling Sunset has been a huge hit with fans. But what do we know about the new realtor?

Selling Sunset has become one of Netflix biggest hits. The reality TV show follows realtors working and selling properties in LA. Not only that, it also details the goings-on of their lives. In particular Chrishell Stause, who’s divorce from Justin Hartley has become a huge story in the show!

Justin and Chrishell: inside their $4.65m home!

In fact, season 2 of Selling Sunset only aired earlier this year, and guess what? Season 3 will be with us next month!

So, with new episodes of the show coming soon, let’s get to know the latest cast member of Selling Sunsets.

Read on to find out more about Amanza Selling Sunset Instagram!

Who is Selling Sunset Amanza?

Amanza Smith is the newest realtor to join the cast of Netflix show Selling Sunset. She featured for the first time in season 2 of the show, and fans love her!

So, what do we know about Amanza?

Well, Amanza is 43-years-old – and definitely doesn’t look it! In fact, she is a mum of two children! Her eldest, Barker, is 10-years-old and Noah, is eight.

Amanza is a single mum, and has been since her children were young. She actually shares details of her ex-husband on the show. Yes, Amanza’s ex is NFL player Ralph Brown who played for the New York Giants and Minnesota Giants!

So, what did Amanza do before she joined Selling Sunsets?

Before Amanza joined the real estate team of Selling Sunset, she was in fact an interior designer! In fact, much like Chrishell Stause, Amanza explains on the show that she came from a poor background.

Chrishell Stause: are poverty claims true?

Her love of interior design began as she grew up in a trailer. During this time, she painted her room and furniture, expressing herself and her personality through design. Obviously, her love of interior design and DIY grew, and she eventually ended up becoming a realtor! On a hit Netlflix show!

Well, now we know a little more about the new Selling Sunset cast. Let’s take a look at Selling Sunset Amanza on Instagram!

Amanza on Instagram

Selling Sunset Amanza is active on Instagram and, despite being new to the cast already has 194,000 followers!

The realtor shares pictures of her life regularly on the platform, including pictures of her home and her two children! In fact, Amanza recently shared pictures of new addition to the family – puppy Bowie!

Not only that, but Amanza shares clips and photos from Selling Sunset, so, if you are looking for some sneak peaks of the show, you should join her followers!

Selling Sunset season 3 – what is next for Amanza

As Selling Sunset season 3 fast approaches, we don’t know what to expect from Amanza.

This will be her second season on the show. However, it is expected that the season will focus on Chrishell and Justin’s divorce. And of course, Christine Quinn’s incredible wedding!

We know she is close friends with co-worker Mary Fitzgerald, but there will no doubt be some drama in the pipeline!