Selling Sunset Chrishell and poverty – the two words don’t go hand in hand. But, in season 2 of the real estate show, the star referred to her difficult childhood multiple times. And now fans want to know more.

Selling Sunset season 2 landed on our screens earlier this year, and fans have not been able to get enough. So much so, that season 3 is back next month! Yes, less than six months later!

One of the main casts, Chrishell Stause, is obviously a focal point as the reality TV show returns. What with her explosive divorce, and controversial character that made headlines during season 2 – there is certainly a lot to look forward to!

But what about Chrishell’s references to poverty whilst she was growing up? Some fans are skeptical as to whether this is the full truth.

So, we’re going to take a closer look at Selling Sunset Chrishell’s poverty claims. And find out a bit more about the star!

Who is Chrishell – Selling Sunset?

Chrishell Stause is a celebrity and actress who is part of the main cast of Selling Sunset.

The TV show is one of Netflix most popular reality picks at the moment. Yes, Selling Sunset might be driving fans crazier than even Say I do. And that show features incredible dressmaker Thai Nguyen!

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Selling Sunset premiered last year and focuses on the LA real estate industry. In particular, the three female employees that work there. Of course, one of those employees is 39-year-old Chrishell Stause!

In fact, this isn’t Chrishell’s first time on TV. She has actually appeared in popular American drama Days of Our Lives as Jordan Ridgeway, and Amanda Dillon on All my Children.

Chrishell caused quite a stir when she appeared as the new realtor in season 1 of Selling Sunset. Firstly, as we watch her prove herself worthy of the role of realtor to her bosses. Secondly, as we see her relationship (slowly) improve with co-worker Christine Quinn!

Since then, the drama hasn’t stopped!

So, what happens to Chrishell in season 2? And are the Chrishell Selling Sunset poverty claims true?

Let’s find out!

Selling Sunset season 2: what happened?

Well, Selling Sunset season 2 certainly dropped a lot of bombshells! Including the Chrishell, and This is Us actor husband Justin Hartley’s divorce!

Yes, the show features scenes of Chrishell dealing with the divorce and moving forward with her life. Of course, what makes the season 2 tense, is that the viewers know that the divorce announcement is coming at any moment for Chrishell – and she doesn’t.

Why? Because Justin filed for divorce in November 2019. So, when the early episodes of the show are being filmed, the divorce has yet to be confirmed. Unfortunately, for fans of Chrishell, it makes for some quite emotional viewing! Of course, this isn’t the first time viewers hear about Chrishell’s relationships during Selling Sunset. She has referred to another famous ex-boyfriend previously too!

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In addition to the impending divorce, we also see Chrishell making several references to her childhood. Chrishell spoke openly about her poor upbringing, and this has caught fans attention.

But are Chrishell’s Selling Sunset poverty claims true?

Well, let’s take a closer look!

Chrishell Stause: what do we know about her childhood?

Chrishell Stause is open about her personal life throughout both season 1 and season 2 of Selling Sunset. But it was during season 2 that Chrishell talks most about this period of her life.

So, what does she say?

Well, Chrishell admits on the show that she came from a poor background and was poor throughout her upbringing.

In fact, in a very transparent moment, Chrishell actually tells us that she was known as “the smelly kid” at school. Not only that, but that at one point in her life she was homeless.

Whilst viewers of the show may have been surprised to hear Chrishell Selling Sunset poverty claims, it has certainly shone a different light on the star. In fact, for many, it is heartening to see that a celebrity such as Chrishell overcame a difficult childhood and upbringing and made it to where she is today.

It might be this honesty and openness that Chrishell displays on Selling Sunset, that make her a popular star of the show. And of course, we hope that season 3 brings Chrishell happier and more positive times after a difficult year!

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