Dating Around Brazil is a new reality show that follows six hopefuls Elena, Dietre, Joelma, Raissa, Jota and Paulo – as they look for love.

In the show we have seen a diverse cast of characters go on five blind dates with five complete strangers, leading to some interesting outcomes. From a male model named Dieter, to a business school graduate named Elena – it seemed that the show’s bread and butter were young and attractive people looking to settle down.

However, things changed with the introduction of Joelma – the first mature contestant to appear on Dating Around Brazil. And fans have wanted to know more about the blonde beauty since her episode dropped on Netflix. So, who is Joelma Handziuk? And did she find her perfect match?

Who is Joelma Handziuk?

Joelma Handziuk is a photographer who works around São Paulo, Brazil.

Unlike previous cast members, Joelma has already lived a full and rich life. During her time on Dating Around Brazil, Joelma revealed that she got married when she was a teenager! After twenty-four years, she and her ex-husband would divorce, allowing Joelma to explore the world and meet new people.

According to close friends, Joelma is someone who is always in a good mood, like a ray of sunshine! Something which was made evident during her time on the show, where she immediately made her dates feel comfortable and relaxed.

Joelma was also described as being the person who everyone looks at in a room, because of her beauty and sex appeal. And it seems her dates would agree! With one potential suitor even stating that she looked “like a supermodel”.

Joelma also has two children by her ex-husband. Natália who is thirty-three-years-old and Lucas who is twenty-nine. A revelation that shocked the majority of her five dates.

But how did those dates go?

Joelma on Dating Around Brazil!

Joelma appears in the third episode of Dating Around Brazil, aptly entitled “An Independent Woman”.

During the episode we see Joelma go on five blind dates with five different men Jãoa, Caio, Thiago, Henriques and Ronivon. Joelma meets each man for pre-dinner drinks, and immediately her kind nature reduces any awkwardness the situation could create.

In the episode, Joelma opens up about her marriage and the controlling husband who stole away her dreams and ambitions. Allowing each of her dates to also open up about their past experiences and traumas. During the episode, we also see Joelma and her dates discuss topics from marriage to personal confidence.

But it seemed there was one guy who truly caught Joelma’s eye.

Dating Around Brazil – Joelma and Ronivon!

From the beginning of the episode, it is clear that there is a spark between Joelma and Ronivon! Something that continues to grow and ignite with every passing second.

During their pre-dinner cocktails, the couple bond over their children and experiences of being single parents looking for love. The two also seemed to share a connection through their past relationships! Ronivon going on to reveal that he also married at the young age of twenty-one, when he was “only a boy”.

Joelma even got emotional when Ronivon discussed his time working for the CASA Foundation, announcing that he would like to start his own charity project.

After dinner, Henriques was the only date that did not accompany Joelma for a late-night drink. During this portion of the episode, Joelma and her four remaining dates would give in to their physical attraction. In the end, Joelma kissed each of her dates! But the real fire could be seen when she kissed Ronivon for the first time, in a scene that would not look out of place in a glitzy romance movie.

In the end, it was clear who Joelma would pick, and audiences everywhere were happy to see her choose Ronivon for a second date.

But what has happened to the couple since?

Joelma and Ronivon – Where Are They Now?

Since appearing on the popular dating show, there has been no word regarding Joelma and Ronivon’s relationship status.

Joelma has previously stated that her Instagram account is like her personal diary, but due to contractual agreements with Netflix, she is not allowed to share photos of herself and Ronivon. So we still have very little idea about what has happened to the couple since their televised first date.

However, the strong bond the two shared could mean that they are still together. Or at least are still in contact with each other during these strange times.

Joelma continues to promote her photography and continues to base her work around picturing strong and powerful women. During the pandemic, she is also focusing on her children and family. It seems that great minds think alike, as Ronivon has also dedicated his time to family and work. While also posting regularly on his Instagram. 

Dating Around Brazil is currently available on Netflix. Have you been watching the show? Did you think Joelma made the right decision? Let us know in the comments below if you can’t wait for a second season!