Fatal Affair landed on Netflix UK last month, but who are the Fatal Affair UK cast? We’re going to look at the big names who star in the show!

The new Netflix UK show has gone down well with viewers, spinning Fatal Attractions plot on its head, and mastering it brilliantly! Yes, in Fatal Affair it is the man with the obsession, not the woman!

Much like other hit Netflix shows at the moment, including Warrior Nun – which, like Fatal Affair has some incredibly intense characters(!) – the cast really do make the show. Of course, Fatal Affair has some big names, many of which you will recognise from high-profile movies.

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But who stars in the psychological thriller, and where have you seen them before? Well, we’re going to take a closer look at Fatal Affair Netflix UK cast!

What Is Fatal Affair About?

If you’ve taken a break from this summer’s reality TV selection, such as RHOBH season 10 – plus reunion! – then you might have caught up new Netflix show Fatal Affair.

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Fatal Affair is a drama that is currently available on Netflix UK. The plot, set in San Francisco, follows Ellie Warren as she tries to repair her marriage with husband Marcus.

Ellie had a brief affair with her old friend David, however, she puts a stop to it for her marriages sake. Unfortunately for Ellie, David ends up being far more dangerous than she thinks!

The show takes elements from original film Fatal Attraction, providing some intense, edge-of-the-seat moments! Of course, the plot of the show is certainly gripping, but what brings Fatal Affair to life is the cast!

So, who’s cast in Fatal Affair?

Let’s find out!

Netflix Fatal Affair: Cast

There are some big names starring in the show. Let’s see how many you recognise!

Nia Long – Ellie Warren

Nia Long stars as main character, and David’s obsession, Ellie Warren! You might recognise Nia from movie Third Watch in which she played Sascha Monroe. In fact, she also featured in Big Momma’s House as Sherry Pierce!

Nia has also appeared in some hugely high-profile music videos including, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West!


You can follow Nia Long on Instagram where she shares pictures of her life and upcoming movies!

Omar Epps – David Long

Omar Epps features alongside Nia Long, as intense, creepy David. David has an unhealthy obsession with recent fling Ellie in Fatal Affair!

So where have you seen Omar before? Well, Omar co-starred with Nia Long in hit film Alfie back in 2004! But more recently he has appeared in popular show House as Dr Eric Foreman. He has also featured in films including The Green Flash, Almost Christmas and Trick!


Omar Epps is on Instagram where you can join his 700,000 followers!

Stephen Bishop – Marcus Warren

Stephen co-stars as Marcus Warren, husband of Ellie. Stephen is a retired basketball player, but has featured in numerous TV series since. In fact, you might have seen Stephen in The Mentalist, Greys Anatomy or maybe even, CSI: Miami!

Stephen is also featuring in upcoming movie The Fatest Man Alive – keep a look out for him!


You can follow Stephen on Instagram where he currently has over 100,000 followers!

Aubrey Cleyland – Brittany Warren

Aubrey plays Brittany Warren, Marcus and Ellie’s daughter. Aubrey shot to fame in American TV show Teen Idol, and has since starred in films Lethal Weapon and The Rookie.


You can follow Aubrey on Instagram for updates on her upcoming projects – and selfies!

Also featuring in Fatal Affair we see Aya Stojan, KJ Smith, Jason-Shane Scott, Carolyn Hennesy and Fredella Calloway.

The new Netflix UK show clearly has an impressive cast! But the question now is, what happens to Nia Long’s character Ellie, on the show? Well, we’ll have to watch and find out!