Dating Around Brazil is a new reality dating show that follows six people: Elena, Dieter, Raissa, Jota, Joelma and Paulo – as they search for true love.

Similar to its American counterpart, Dating Around Brazil offers people from varying genders, ages and sexual orientations, the chance to find their perfect match. How? By putting them on blind dates with five complete strangers!

One of these contestants was art director, Dieter Truppel, who proved an interesting personality on the show. Since the first season dropped on Netflix, fans have wanted to know more about the reality star’s life! Who is Dieter Truppel? And where is he now?

Let’s take a look at Dieter’s time on the show! And see what has happened to him since he shared his love life with the world.

Who is Dieter Truppel?

Dieter Truppel is a thirty-one-year-old art director, model and tattoo artist — who currently resides in São Paulo, Brazil.

Dieter is openly gay and comes from an extremely Catholic family. Before appearing on Dating Around Brazil, Dieter had had two serious relationships! One that lasted eighteen months and saw the couple living together. And another that saw the couple engaged before their abrupt and cold separation.

According to close friends, Dieter’s ideal partner is someone who is an exact replica of Dieter himself! Someone who is tall, confident, social, fitness-obsessed and someone who doesn’t take life too seriously and has fun. On the show, Dieter also discussed how he was a family man — hoping to one day settle down and have children with the man of his dreams.

So what was Dieter’s experience on the show like? Did he find his perfect match?

Dieter’s Dating Around Brazil Journey!

The show’s formula is simple! Each episode focuses on a single contestant as they go on five blind dates with five different people.

The episodes are then split into three different segments that show the escalation of the evening: Drinks, Dinner and After. By the end of the episode, the contestant must choose their perfect match for an unseen second date.

In the second episode, entitled ‘You’re so Cocky!’, we see Dieter go on dates with Alexandre, João, Leandro, Allison and Guilherme. All five men are attractive and appear to immediately have chemistry with the handsome model, leading to some interesting conversations.

During the episode we see Dieter and his five dates discuss topics such as star signs, religion, numerology, residency and the difficulty of coming out as gay to a heavily catholic family.

A lack of connection sees Alexandre, Allison and Guilherme saying goodbye to Dieter soon as the dinner service is over. Leaving only João and Leonardo left for after-dinner drinks and chit-chat.

João proves the most confident of the two, being the only date to actually passionately kiss Dieter in both the bar and uber ride home. While Dieter and Leonardo connected over their religious upbringings, leading to both dates receiving Dieter’s phone number.

But who did he pick? Well, Dieter didn’t actually pick anyone! And because of the structure of the episodes, we don’t even know why. But it seems Dieter has not yet found his perfect man.

But what has Dieter been up to since the show ended?

Where is Dieter Now?

According to his social media, Dieter is still living in Brazil and still works as an art director and model. Being represented by Way Model Management, Dieter has had many opportunities to work with established brands, all the while showcasing his looks and personality.

Dieter has also started working as a tattoo artist, using his creative abilities to give people the tattoos they want.

It appears that since his time on Dating Around Brazil, Dieter has also learned that being single is better than being in a relationship and unhappy. The mantra everyone should live by when it comes to your personal romantic life.

Dating Around Brazil season one is currently available to watch on Netflix. Have you been watching Dating Around Brazil? Are you waiting for news on a second season? Let us know in the comments below if you think Dieter made the right decision!