Dating Around Brazil is a new dating show that follows six people looking for love, from a model named Dieter, to a graduate named Elena Marcondes.

Elena appeared in the show’s very first episode, where we saw her go on five blind dates with five complete strangers. And it seemed that she actually made a connection with one of the handsome men!

Since the show was released on Netflix, people have wondered if Elena truly found the man of her dreams? Or if the relationship simply fizzled out when the cameras turned off?

Let’s take a look at Elena’s time on the show and see if she found her perfect match!

Who is Elena From Dating Around Brazil?

Elena Marcondes is a twenty-two-year-old graduate – who currently resides in São Paulo, Brazil.

During her time on Dating Around Brazil, we learn that Elena has recently completed her thesis and has graduated from Business School! However, she now considers herself “lost” and doesn’t know what to do with her life!

On the show, we also learn that Elena is a party girl, who loves music and clubbing. She also goes on to reveal that she is a committed vegetarian and that she has been smoking since she was twelve!

According to close friends, Elena loves a challenge and refuses to have her relationships forced into a boring routine. She is comfortable in herself and often speaks her mind, but this can cause problems for her when it comes to finding love. Elena joined the cast of Dating Around Brazil, in the hope that she could break that cycle and find someone she truly clicks with.

But did she find her perfect man?

Elena on Dating Around Brazil!

Elena was introduced to the audience in Dating Around Brazil’s very first episode, entitled “Just A Kiss”. During the episode, we see Elena go on five blind dates with Gabriel, Marcus, Roberto, Fabrizio and Elivelton.

Each episode of the show is split into three parts, that shows the progress of the date throughout the night – starting with “Drinks”, continuing with “Dinner” and then ending with “After”.

During the “Drinks” portion of the episode, we see Elena meeting each date for the first time! Like any blind date, there is an air of awkwardness at the beginning, but Elena quickly overcomes it with her warm and chatty personality.

Throughout the episode we see Elena and her five dates discussing topics such as love, marriage, sexuality, veganism and gender identity.

But did she click with any of the guys?

Elena and Roberto – The Perfect Match?

From the start, it is clear that there is a spark between Elena and Roberto! Something which becomes more interesting as the couple continues to talk about their lives and experiences.

Elena admits that she does not want a man who has already been married, citing her jealous side as the primary reason. Roberto then goes on to reveal that he has already been married – twice! But it seems that this does not bother Elena and the couple grow more comfortable as the episode progresses.

Eventually, Roberto reveals that he is also a trans man, shocking and intriguing Elena! The two even bond over their hard upbringings. Elena revealing that her parents had her when they were very young and that she uses relationships to find the love they denied her. While Roberto talks about his struggles of being trans and how it first affected his relationship with his parents.

In the end, it is Roberto, Gabriel and Elivelton who accompany Elena to the “After” portion of the episode. During this time Elena kisses all three men, but her passion for Roberto is clear! By the end of the episode, Elena chooses Roberto for a second date.

But what has happened since the show ended?

Elena and Roberto – Where Are They Now?

So, are the reality show couple still together? Did their second date turn into a relationship?

Well, we don’t actually know! The couple both follow each other on social media and have been seen flirting in the comments section of their Instagram posts! But so far, they have neither denied nor accepted that they are in a relationship.

However, because both parties were open to a relationship and both had common goals, it can be assumed that they are still happy and seeing each other! Even if their relationship is only platonic.

But what have they been up to since? Well, Elena is still searching for her life’s goal. Currently, she seems to be enjoying the Brazilian beaches and has even started learning how to DJ! Maybe she’s finally found her true calling?

While Roberto is still focusing on the management of his restaurant – Industriaburger! He has also begun pursuing a career as a social media influencer and model.

Let’s hope that regardless of their relationship status and careers, the two are still happy and content in their lives! Have you been watching Dating Around Brazil? Did you ship Elena and Roberto? Leave a comment and tell us if you think Elena chose the right guy!