Netflix teen series Genius in Love returned last month and re-introduced us to teen scientist Ashley Garcia. So, in honour of the return, we’re going to take a look at Ashley Garcia, Genius in Love cast member Paulina Chaves!

The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia gained quite a following when it landed on Netflix at the start of the year. So, it’s no surprise that the follow-up series Genius in Love is such a hit with fans. It certainly makes a change from the Selling Sunset dramas we are caught up in at the moment!

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The wacky concept and cheesy teen-romance comes in thick, but it’s a strong cast and the unique storyline is what fans love the most!

But who plays rocket-scientist Ashley Garcia?

Well, we’re going to take a closer look at Ashley Garcia, Genius in Love cast member and star Paulina Chaves!

Read on to find out more about the Netflix star!

What Is Netflix Show Genius in Love?

Genius in Love is a Netflix teen show that landed on the streaming platform last month. Much like the new Netflix series Cursed, the show is growing quite a following due to its strong casting and storyline.

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It is the sequel to The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, which first appeared on our screens in February 2020. The current series is essentially the second part of the series – which has arrived in quick succession!

So, what is the show about?

Well, both the first and second parts of the Ashley Garcia series, follow 15-year-old Ashley, who is a robotics engineer and scientist. We follow Ashley as she moves across the USA to live with her uncle and work for NASA.

Of course, in true teen-romance style, we don’t only watch Ashley as she embarks on the start of her career. We also see her meet guys, develop crushes and navigate embarrassing teen moments along the way!

But who plays genius scientist Ashley Garcia?

Read on to find out!

Ashley Garcia Genius in Love Cast: Meet Paulina Chaves

Paulina Chaves is an American actress who plays Genius in Love character, Ashley Garcia.

So, what do we know about the Netflix star?

Well, Paulina is 18-years-old and was born in El Paso, Texas before she moved to San Antonio with her two sisters and parents. She is the youngest of the three siblings but is the only one in the family to go into acting.

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when your mom tells you to smile

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In fact, Paulina has featured in two other productions including Day 5 and Scandal Made Me Famous, both in 2016! After succeeding in the world of Hollywood, Paulina moved to L.A with her mother Patricia.

The young actress clearly has supportive parents and has spoken openly about her desire to represent young Latinos on screen through her role as Latino character Ashley Garcia.

So, now we know more about Ashley Garcia Genius in Love cast member Paulina – let’s meet her on Instagram!

Meet Ashley Garcia Actor Paulina Chaves on Instagram

We found Ashley Garcia Genius in Love cast member and star Paulina Chaves on Instagram!

The 18-year-old actress is regularly sharing pictures of her life on the platform! That includes selfies, photoshoots and even snapshots of series productions!

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with the dad in #FelizNaviDAD

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So, what can we learn about the actress from her Instagram?

Well, Paulina is close with her family and regularly shares pictures with her parents and sisters. She also likes to experiment with her style, showing off her makeup skills and outfits on her profile too!

The Genius in Love star also shares updates on the series. So, if you’ve already finished the Netflix show, follow Paulina Chaves on Instagram for news on a potential season 3!

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