Too Hot to Handle is the Netflix dating show everybody is talking about. With the cast for the show being completely unaware of what they are about to walk into. This includes season 2’s, Melinda Melrose. The show’s concept is to bring together people who are bad at love and provide them with skills to communicate and adapt. To allow them to become a better partner. Without it being all about the physical side of things. With every moment of passion costing them prize money.

Melinda is one of those people who found it most difficult during their stay, especially when it came to ex Marvin. However, fans of the show want to know if she’s still dating Marvin and just about everything else. So without further ado, let’s find out more about Melinda.

Melinda Too Hot To Handle
Screengrab Netflix

Who is Melinda Too Hot To Handle?

Melinda Melrose is one of the latest contestants from the unique reality tv show. She lives in the United States and was born and raised in Phildephia. She is proud of her hometown and said she is a born and bred philly girl. however is a huge fan of travelling. On her instagram prior to the show, she shows off numerous places around the world that she’s visited. Including Thailand and Frace. 

Before Too Hot To Handle Melinda was working as a model. Her instagram serves as a portfolio and is full of stunning photos. Melinda’s Instagram currently has over 997k followers. You can find her over at @Melinda_Melrose to see more. 

Melinda has 16 siblings according to Women’s Health, meaning she was never alone as a child and is used to living with a large group of people. 

Melinda too hot to handle and marvin

Screengrab | YouTube

How old is Melinda?

Melinda is 28 years old and her birthday is 28th of April. Her star sign is a Taurus.  Although her actual date of birth hasn’t been confirmed, it is assumed that she was born in 1993. 

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Who is Melinda dating now?

Melinda may not have worked out with co-star Marvin, after he ‘ghosted’ her. However, it turns out Melinda fell for another contesant of the show. Although the pair did try to make a go of it on the show, her heart was truly with Marvin. However, Melinda has shared on Instagram (and Tik Tok) that she is now dating Peter! Who was booted from the retreat early, due to not trying to make meaningful connections. 

Melinda too hot to handle
Instagram / Melinda_Melrose

Which came as a shock to even fellow contestant Sam Holmes. Who commented on the pair’s loved-up photo stating, ‘Didn’t see this coming but so here for it’ with over 13,000 likes on the comment? It seems he wasn’t the only one. 

With a bright future ahead for Melinda Too Hot To Handle, we can’t wait to see what is in store for her and her new beau Peter.