It’s official Yara Sofia is back for the latest season of All Stars! The queen was originally in Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, then shortly after competing, she went to be on All Stars. Like many contestants from All Stars 1, Yara Sofia is back for another shot at the crown. Her rivals for this season of all stars include fellow All Stars 1 contestant Pandora Boxx. Yara and Pandora aren’t the only queens who have been on a previous All Stars season, and Ginger Minj was in the 2nd All Stars season. In her meet the queen’s section for season 6, Sofia advises that she is here for the 3rd time and deserves it! With fans totally backing her all the way.

Sofia is a fierce drag queen and we can’t wait to see what she has in store this time around.

Yara Sophia All Stars Season 1

Meet The Queens – Yara Sofia | Screengrab

Who is Yara Sofia?

Yara Sofia is a 37-year-old Puerto Rican born star residing in Las Vegas. She is a firecracker, and fans love her eccentric personality. Alongside her unique sense of humour and that voice she does.  The queen advises she is very flexible and ready for the new queens.

She was first featured in the show, a decade ago- and she shares during her meet the queens interview that a lot has changed.

Sofia advises that her drag has changed a lot. In ways such as many resources that were not available during her time on the show. With brands offering a wider range of skin tones for makeup alongside better products. As well as better wigs and more freedom in terms of her budget.

Despite her early exit during All Stars 1, we are excited to see the Yara Sofia back, for the third time.

Yara Sofia All Stars Season 1

In season 1 of All Stars, queens were told to pair with another contestant and competed together. Yara Sofia and Alexis Mateo made Yaralexis.

Sofia and Mateo both grew up in Puerto Rico, and both competed in season 3 of the show. With similar backgrounds, they instantly made a great pair together. With both queens having bold personalities and a love for drag. It made sense that they’d be asked to be in later seasons of Drag Race. With Mateo staring in All Stars 5 and Sofia in All Stars 6.

The pair won the main challenge in episode 2; however, they placed low in the other episodes before they were eliminated in episode 4.  Meaning Yara made it to 5th/6th with Alexis. Alexis and Yara have remained close even after their time on the show.

Competing alone this time, Yara is ready to snatch the trophy.

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Yara Sofia all stars season 1

Mateo and Sofia | Screengrab

All Stars Season 6

The Puerto Rician queen was happy to share earlier this year that she would indeed be part of All Stars 3. With many rumoured cast members ready to take the stage this year. Fans were happy to get confirmation that Yara will be on this season.

Hopefully, Yara has some amazing techniques and is ready to take on the competition once more.