Warrior Nun landed on Netflix at the start of July and quickly developed a cult following. The show, based on the comic book Warrior Nun Areala, has followed some mysterious story lines, mostly including Adriel! So, who is the Warrior Nun cast Adriel?

The new Netflix series has gone down a storm with its gripping storylines and action-packed episodes. Of course, it is the actors and cast that have made this show so impressive, and we have certainly been introduced to some up and coming stars!

But there is one character in particular in Warrior Nun that has left fans wanting to know more – shadowy and deceptive Adriel!

Yes, we want to know who is Adriel? And in the Warrior Nun cast, who plays Adriel?

Well, we’ve got all the answers for you, so let’s find out a bit more about Warrior Nun Adriel!

What is Warrior Nun?

Warrior Nun is a new fantasy-action show that landed on Netflix earlier this month.

The show is based on the comic series Warrior Nun Areala and follows the journey of 19-year-old Ava who wakes up in a morgue with a divine artifact in her back!

As the story progresses, we see Ava figure out that the artifact is actually a symbol of her calling to join the Order of the Cruciform Sword. This Order is a sisterhood of Nuns who fight evil and protect the world from Demons.

Of course, with such a unique storyline, lovers of fantasy TV have gone wild for the show, which has slowly introduced us to an intense, and in-depth plot.

Along the way, we meet other characters that further develop the story, increasing the twists – and deception! – value of the show.

But who is Warrior Nun Adriel? And who plays this mysterious – and important – character?

Well, good question! Let’s find out!

Who is Warrior Nun Adriel?

Adriel is an Angel in the TV series, and comic series of Warrior Nun – or so we think!

Yes, according to legend, Adriel is an Angel who came down from heaven to help Areala, a fierce warrior, who was injured and died in battle.

The legend says that Adriel witnesses Areala’s dying moments and gives her his halo to resurrect her so she can continue to fight and beat the demon.

Of course, those that have finished watching season 1 of Netflix Warrior Nun will know that this isn’t actually Adriel’s truth!

So, who is Adriel really?

Well, it’s revealed in the final episode of season 1 Warrior Nun, that Adriel wasn’t in fact an angel. In fact, he is a demon who used Areala’s dying condition for his own advantage! Yes, Adriel had stolen the halo that he inserts into Areala’s back, to hide it from the Tarasks who were searching for it.

As you can see, Warrior Nun has some huge twists and turns, and Adriel is certainly a key character in the development of the series, and comic’s plot!

So, who plays the mysterious and sneaky Warrior Nun cast Adriel?

Let’s find out!

Warrior Nun cast: who is Adriel?

Warrior Nun’s Adriel Angel is played by William Miller, a 41-year-old actor and singer.

William currently lives in the U.S.A, however, he has featured in many Spanish films throughout his acting career, before making his appearance in the new hit Netflix show Warrior Nun!

The Warrior Nun actor is active on Instagram, where he currently has over thirty-nine thousand followers!

Warrior Nun: will there be a season 2?

Yes, the question on the minds of Warrior Nun fans is now whether there will be a season 2!

Unfortunately, season 1 of the show only debuted this month. So, it might be a while before season 2 is confirmed.

Of course, due to the shows incredibly positive reception, it is likely it will be returning!

In the meantime, you can follow Warrior Nun actor William Miller on Instagram, where he regularly shares clips and stills from the series!