Dating Around Brazil hit Netflix last week and fans are already asking – is there going to be Dating Around Brazil season 2?

Yes, the hit dating show returned with six new singletons, venturing out and looking for love – only this time, we were watching them look for love in Brazil!

Dating Around Brazil has gone down a storm, and it is clearly as good as – if not better! – than it’s American counterpart, but the question is – will it back again?

Well, we’re going to tell you what we know about Netflix Dating Around Brazil season 2, and tell you everything you need to know about its return!

What is Dating Around about?

Dating Around first aired on Netflix in early 2019, and the show is a huge hit with fans!

The original show is set in America and follows six singletons as they venture out on five blind dates. If the date goes well, the contestant has the opportunity to ask the lucky person if they’d like to go on a second date!

And then? Well, so far none of the couples have lasted, but there’s still hope for the Dating Around Brazil couples!

Season 2 of the original Dating Around aired last month, and introduced us to six new contestants. Of course, fans had their favourites – including Deva Mahal, who had a couple of unfortunate (read: terrible) dates – but ended with an absolute winner, so there is always hope!

Who is Dating Around season 2 Deva Mahal?

But what about Dating Around Brazil?

Dating Around Brazil Season 1

Well, Dating Around Brazil landed on Netflix last week and the show follows the same format as the American series. The only difference? Well, we get to see the six contestants meet their five dates in some pretty awesome locations around Brazil!

The show introduces us to some cool contestants, in particular Elena Marcondes, a self-confessed show off who doesn’t like boring relationships – and yes, she was a hit with fans! In season 1 we see each half an hour episode focus on one contestant, and watch the five blind dates unfold!

Of course, it is now a week since the launch, and with season 1 well and truly binge-watched, we want to know – will there be a Dating Around Brazil season 2?

Well, let’s find out!

Dating Around Brazil season 2 – what do we know?

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation of a Dating Around Brazil season 2 – yet.

Since Netflix only launched season 1 of the dating show last week, we might not have news on season 2 for a while. In fact, it could be announced a couple of weeks before it is available for streaming.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we can’t speculate!

The American series of Dating Around was released exactly a year to the date of the original series. So, we might expect Dating Around Brazil season 2 to be with us in July 2021.

We know that Netflix will usually release a trailer to the show a couple of weeks before it lands on the streaming platform, so keep an eye on Netflix for any release dates or trailers in the meantime!