Shaughna Phillips has joined the cast of Celebs Go Virtual Dating – but this isn’t the first time that the reality star has gone looking for love!

Shaughna Phillips rose to prominence in early 2020, after she appeared on the popular dating show, Love Island. During her time in the villa, Shaughna would see her one chance for love stolen away from her, and she would leave the island single and alone.

But it has now been announced that Shaughna Phillips will now appear on the new series of Celebs Go Dating – or rather, Celebs Go Virtual Dating. However, it seems many people have forgotten about her first time on the show, and the drama that followed!

Let’s take a look at Shaughna’s career and her search for love, and see who will be joining her in the Celebs Go Virtual Dating cast!

Who is Shaughna Phillips?

Before appearing on the popular show, Shaughna Phillips worked as a democratic services officer for Lambeth Council. During this time, Shaughna assured that local homes were fire-safe, following the tragic events of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Shaughna would eventually quit her job before going to film the sixth series of Love Island but has stated that she would love to return to politics someday.

Before entering the villa, Shaughna described herself as chatty, funny and clever. She believes that her lips are her most attractive feature and that in an argument, she is always right.

She then went on to state that her perfect man is someone who is smart, funny and fashionable. However, she is turned off by men who love themselves too much and would prefer someone who is ready to listen to her.

But did she find her perfect man in the villa?

Shaughna Phillips on Love Island!

During her time on Love Island, Shaughna was paired with northern scaffolder, Callum Jones. Shaughna was initially overjoyed by the coupling and the two remained a strong partnership throughout the show.

However, things began to take a sinister turn with the introduction of twins, Jess and Eve Gale. In the end, Eve chose to pair up with Callum, leaving Shaughna single and infuriated.

But the pair soon reunited after Callum dumped Eve in favour of returning to Shaughna. It seemed that Shaughna and Callum had a bond that would see them reach the grand finale together!

Sadly, this was not meant to be! The new drama unfolded when Callum returned from Casa Amor with the new girl, Molly Smith – leaving Shaughna and fans shocked!

Shaughna remained composed in the situation and even began pursuing a new partner in Luke Mabbott. But, Shaughna was not the only one hoping to catch Luke’s attention. In the end, Luke chose to pair up with Demi Jones, leaving Shaughna single and eliminated from the show. She left on day thirty-three of the competition.

But, is she still looking for love?

Shaughna Phillips joins Celebs Go Virtual Dating!

Recently it was announced that Shaughna Phillips would be joining the 2020 cast of Celebs Go Dating! The new show has been renamed to Celebs Go Virtual Dating, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of meeting in bars or restaurants, the chosen celebrities will meet their dates either through video calls or in open spaces where they can practice social distancing.

Joining Shaughna on the cast we also find – Chloe Ferry (from Geordie Shore), Pete Wicks (from The Only Way is Essex) and Levi Davis, a rugby player.

In all the excitement over the recent casting news, many forgot that this isn’t Shaughna’s first time on the popular show!

That’s right, we’ve seen Shaughna looking for love even before she went on Love Island!

Shaughna Phillips’s First Time on Celebs Go Dating!

Before she took a trip to the tropical villa, Shaughna appeared on Celebs Go Dating in 2019! Where she was paired up with Made in Chelsea star, Sam Thompson.

But things didn’t go that well! Sam approach Shaughna while she was at the bar and asked her what she did for a living. When the reality star stated that she was a “fire safety officer”, Sam responded with the following punchline:

“We all need safety, no one needs fire unless it’s good fire!”

The joke was so bad that it left the couple sitting in awkward silence! Let’s hope Shaughna has better luck when she returns to the show! Leading to a love life that could rival that of a fellow islander, Maura Higgins!

Celebs Go Virtual Dating is set to air on E4 from 27th – 31st July. Yes, you read that right! The new series will only be made up of five half-hour long episodes, but it is sure to still deliver on the usual dating drama! You can currently catch up with Shaughna’s life on her Instagram, where she posts regularly.

Are you excited about the new series? Do you want to see Shaughna find love? Let us know in the comments below if you’re rooting for Shaughna Phillips on this series of Celebs Go Virtual Dating!