If you follow the youngest KUWTK star, Kylie Jenner, on Instagram, you will definitely be familiar with her friend Faisal Khadra.

The 28-year-old Palestinian model has featured on Instagram posts with Kylie and Kendall in 2020. We’re talking holidays, weddings and even Wimbledon. The guy is popping up everywhere!

But who is Kylie Jenner’s model friend Faisal? And is anything going on with Faisal and Kendall Jenner?

Well, read on to find out everything you need to know about Faisal Khadra. And meet the model on Instagram!

Kendall Jenner KUWTK on Hayu

KUWTK on Hayu

Faisal Khadra: age, family and Instagram!

Faisal Khadra is a 28-year-old Palestinian model. He is linked to both Kylie and Kendall Jenner and is recently seen on several of their Instagram posts. Ok, more than several, he’s everywhere!

But what do we know about the model?

Well, Faisal was born in Saudi Arabia. He was raised in Dubai by his art collector father, and mother, who owns a lifestyle boutique in Saudi Arabia.

Faisal has modelled for brands including Louis Vuitton, Moncler and Bulgari. He is also, of course, becoming an Instagram influencer in his own right. And not only because he features so often with the Kardashian-Jenner clan! In actual fact, Faisal now has over 1.2 million followers on his Instagram!

Of course, Faisal is more than just a model. In fact, he is also a musician, and has his own Soundcloud and Discogs profile where he refers to himself as a “Palestinian socialite and musician”.  Additionally, on his Instagram, Fai has the quote “In music we trust”, so it seems to us that this is where his passion truly lies.

Faisal Khadra also has twin sisters Simi and Haze Khadra, who are also reportedly close friends with Kylie Jenner. The twins actually form a DJ duo – so perhaps music runs in the family! You can see Fai and his twin sisters on his Instagram, alongside his sultry modelling posts.

So, now we know a bit more about Faisal Khadra – what do we know about Kylie and Faisal? And, more importantly, is he really romantically linked to Kendall or Kylie?

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Kylie Jenner and Faisal: How do they know each other?

When it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner family, we just can’t get enough. Whether it’s decorating our homes with Kardashian tapestries, or following potential love-interests on Instagram, we truly are hooked.

So, when it comes to new BFF’s Kylie and Faisal, we only want to know more! Yes, the couple is all over Instagram together at the moment. Most recently, sharing snaps on holiday in Utah, and showing how close the two Instagram stars have become.

But how did this friendship begin?

Well, it looks as though Faisal is originally a friend of Kendall’s. In fact, the model was featured on an Instagram post with Kendall back in 2018. The pair dressed up as Austin Powers characters – adorable. Not only that, but they also attended Coachella together in the same group of friends.

So, did Kylie’s friendship with Faisal blossom through her sister’s connection? Possibly. But the youngest Kardashian-Jenner is also linked to Fai’s twin sisters Simi and Haze. So, there’s another possible link there.

Of course, rumours are now growing as to whether Kylie Jenner and Faisal are dating. Why? Because not only are the pair seen holidaying together, he apparently attended two events with Kylie back in June too!

As of yet, nothing has been confirmed between the two, although time (and Instagram) will tell.


Kendall Jenner and Faisal: Dating or just friends?

Kendall is notoriously private when it comes to her personal life. In comparison to the rest of her family, she is pretty much a closed book.

So, when rumours sparked about Kendall and Faisal dating, we knew there was little to no chance she would reveal any details. Of course, that didn’t stop fans from speculating about their relationship based on (regular) photos of the pair together!

Yes, Kendal and the model were, for a time, regularly spotted together. This included a cute little matching outfit shot at Wimbledon, which definitely fuelled the gossip. Not to mention the famous Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber wedding they attended together. Yes, Kendall shared a photo on Instagram captioned “We don’t date, he’s just my date”. Quite frankly though, this caption only sparked more rumours from fans hoping it was more!


Despite Kendall’s efforts to downplay the relationship, the Kardashian-Jenner star did share a joke this year on her Instagram. Yes, Kendall shared a picture of her and Faisal with a baby, captioned “Everyone in favour of me and Fai starting a family say ‘I’”.

Of course, the three made an adorable family! Unfortunately, based on Fai’s recent close relationship with Kylie, it looks as though Kendall and Faisal are just friends.

Will we see Faisal in the final part of KUWTK season 18? We certainly hope so! If you’re not up to date on the latest from the Kardashians, you can catch the first two seasons of KUWTK on Netflix!

If you want to know more about Faisal Khadra and his relationship with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, you can follow him on Instagram!