Jan Sport, known as Just Jan, is the stage name of Charlie Mantione. The 28-year-old queen took part in season 12, where she was eliminated in episode 8 during her first time in the bottom. This time around the queen is even more firece and has her drag mother behind her. So when Jan was revealed as a contestant in All Stars 6, fans were beyond excited. After all, we didn’t get to experience the full Jantasy. With fans eager to find out more about the All Stars 6 contestant and who her drag family is and here’s what we found out.

Jan in season 6

Jan in season 12 | Screengrab

Who is Jan’s Drag Mother?

Jan’s drag mother is fellow drag race contestant Alexis Michelle, who was in season 9. Alexis Michelle is 36 and from New York. The queen placed 5th in her season, being sent home during a lip-sync against Peppermint.

Alexis Michelle was determined to get on the show and audition every season from 2 up to 9, where she was finally cast. Like her drag daughter, Alexis managed to go 4 consecutive weeks without receiving any judges critiques. Her drag daughter, Jan, followed in her footsteps during season 12. Jan not receiving any negative feedback until it was her turn to sashay away.

Who is Jan's Drag Mother?

Alexis Michelle and Jan | Screengrab from Reddit

Fans on Reddit posted a picture of Jan with her Drag Mother, dressed as Kris Jenner and Kris Jenner. The picture of the two queens has ‘from our family to yours’ written across it in red font. With merry Kris-mas at the top. With people stating how they love the pairing of Jan and Alexis and believe they give off similar vibes in the drag scene, there is some truly sickening family resemblance.


Jan in All Stars 6

With her entrance to All Stars 6 she stated, I’m backpack, backpack, back again! This is likely due to how soon after her season, she returned to the All Stars stage.  With a large fan base and a loving drag family behind her, fans expect to see Jan go further than in her first run at the series. Jan has so many polished looks, and her Instagarm is booming with fans of the show. With so many queens and fans backing her, we expect to see her go far.

Who is Jan's Drag Mother?

Meet The Queens | Screengrab

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Jan’s Drag Family

As far as drag family goes, Jan has a rather large one. Including her Mothers Alexis Michelle and Brita from season 12, like Jan. Rose from the most recent season, and Canada’s drag race contestant Lemon.

Alongside her drag sister Rose, and friend Lagoona Blue, Jan is a part of Stephanie’s child. The group who competed in The Voice, ultimately being able to sing alongside Jessie J. The four of them sang Bang Bang. You may also recognise the family from America’s Got Talent, where the group made it to judges cuts.

Stephanie’s Child is popular within the drag community, and fans root for Jan during her second attempt at the crown.

Whether you’re a fan of Jan or another queen, you can find All Stars 6 on Netflix.