Did you see Cassidy McGill on Love Island and wonder what height she was? Well, you’re not the only one! Audiences everywhere have wanted to know more about the reality star. Especially since her contentious exit from the popular show!

Cassidy McGill rose to prominence in 2018 after she appeared on the first season of Love Island Australia. The 25-year-old stormed into the tropical resort and immediately made a lasting impression. 

Spoilers ahead! Cassidy did not go on to win the season. After a controversial and heated time on the show, Cassidy left on Day 25 of the competition.

But who is Cassidy McGill? And where is she now? Well, we’re going to take a close look at the reality star’s life and see what she’s been up to since.

Who is Cassidy McGill?

Cassidy McGill’s time in the villa was both turbulent and rife with conflict. But it seems that her life has always been a rollercoaster.

Cassidy McGill was born on January 23rd, 1995 in Melbourne, Australia.

Cassidy McGill stands at a height of 5ft 8in, with pale blond hair and blue eyes, McGill began pursuing a career in both modelling and acting from a young age.

Before appearing on the island, McGill held a selection of modelling credits to her name. Primarily in fashion shows and photoshoots from 2014-2015.

But there’s more! Cassidy McGill is also no stranger to a camera crew! Before appearing on Love Island, McGill had acted in several commercials and even appeared as an extra in Neighbours.

In 2017, Cassidy also portrayed the primary role in the music video “Coffee at Midnight” — performed by the Australian punk band, Stand Atlantic. However, it seems that these boosts in her career didn’t last.

Before being cast on the first season of Love Island Australia, Cassidy McGill had been working as a bartender.


Cassidy on Love Island Australia

McGill’s time in the villa was rife with drama and conflict. Upon entering the show, Cassidy was partnered with fellow islander – Grant Crapp.

Throughout the competition, Cassidy found herself butting heads with fellow competitors – particularly Tayla Damir. Their antagonistic relationship fuelled by their shared interest in Crapp.

After being dumped by Grant, Cassidy’s good girl persona soon peeled away. And she began to pursue a whole host of male competitors, eventually setting her sights on Josh Moss.

However, this romance was short-lived and Cassidy began to pursue newcomer, Dom Thomas. During this time she accused Dom of cheating on her and even believed that Grant was spreading lies about her.

After her strange behaviour, Dom broke the pairing and Cassidy found herself single and eliminated from the show.

But what has she been doing since?

Where is Cassidy McGill Now?

Since appearing on the show, McGill has become a social media influencer! Using her 341k followers on Instagram, to promote everything from fake tan to teeth whitener.

Cassidy also has her own YouTube channel, where she vlogs and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

But there’s more! Cassidy McGill is also hoping to continue both her acting and modelling career.

But did she find love? Cassidy does currently have a boyfriend, but she does not share any information about him on her social media platforms.

Are you glad Cassidy found love? And are you excited for the second season of Love Island Australia? Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be revisiting the villa this year!