With the third week of Love Island coming to a close so far, the cast has been through 2 recouplings, and four contestants have so far left the villa. This has been done via text, and Islanders are provided with their own phones for the show. These phones are used for texting with the production team, alerts (I’VE GOT A TEXT!) and of course, lots of selfies! Unlike other reality tv shows, the host of Love Island is nowhere to be seen. Fans of the ITV2 show have been questioning her absence and wondering where is Laura?

Where is Laura?

Laura enters the villa | Screengrab

Can we expect to see more of Laura Whitmore?

Fans are confused by the absence of the 36-year-old this year, as usually it is believed the host is featured more. Especially at times like recouplings and dumping. With many fans taking their thoughts to Twitter. This includes questioning whether the star is on furlough for this season and questioning her whereabouts. So where is Laura and when will she be back?

This season it has been reported that Laura has been on the show for a total of 11 minutes and 51 seconds. Furthermore, they confirm that it is 1.3% of the action this season! So fans are hoping to see a lot more of Laura this season. An ITV spokesperson has confirmed this is the typical set-up for a host on the show, and they don’t appear in every episode. However, as the series progresses more and the drama unfolds, Laura will likely be featured a lot more.

Where is Laura

Laura Whitmore on Good Morning Britain | Screengrab

Is Laura Whitmore back in the UK?

Yes, Laura is often back in the UK. This is due to her hosting a live show, ‘Aftersun’ from London weekly and other commitments.

With her husband Iain also staying in the UK for this season, Laura and her daughter travel between the two places, whilst Iain stays in London. Despite being the narrator on all episodes. Whitmore confirmed in a tweet to a fan that she is fact back in the UK and the reason why.


Laura hit back at the fan, stating, ‘‘Hosting live show from London weekly, think you’d enjoy it if you watched! I’ve got great roaming package for the aul Spanish texts at the mo.’

Although she didn’t confirm when she is due to return, it could happen at any moment. With most cast members joining regularly, Laura usually enters for a big twist, such as the boys’ return from Casa Amor.

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How much does the host earn from Love Island?

With her lack of appearances on the show itself, fans wonder how much the Irish star actually earns from her hosting job. According to The Sun, Laura earns £600,000 for presenting Love Island. The newspaper also advises this means she has made £50,000 for a minute for her work on the show. However, she also offers Aftersun on Sundays, which is an hour-long and is believed to be part of the salaried amount of £600,000.

We hope to see Laura soon and wonder what her next visit to the villa will hold.