Since the Instagram generation, cosmetic surgeries have become more and more popular, but what happens if they go wrong? Well that’s where the Body Fixers come in! The first season of the show which first aired on E4 is now airing on Netflix. A one stop shop for people with extreme and shocking hair and beauty disasters, but where is the Body Fixers filmed and where is this ‘magic’ salon?

Who are the body fixers

The first series of the Body Fixers salon has six employees working in the salon and as we’ve seen, no job is too much for these talented individuals.

The team of Season 1 consists of hairdressers Daniel and Danny, beautician’s Melissa and April, and make-up artist Alex. Of course, cosmetic doctor Dr Esho is there to step in when things have gone that little bit too far. 

The show was created following the success of Tattoo Fixers, which had people with horrendous tattoos come to the parlour for cover ups, where we saw some unimaginable tattoo transformations! 

Body Fixers team - where is body fixers filmed?

Photo: E4/Studio Lambert

Where Is Body Fixers Filmed?

 Many viewers are wondering where the Body Fixers salon is. In fact, the salon is a pop-up parlour in London. 

So unfortunately, if you were thinking of walking in to get one of your beauty disasters fixed by the team, this won’t be possible as it’s for the show only.

However, the cast aren’t acting, they do actually work in the industry in real life! So, we’re sure you may be able to find them and their businesses online and book an appointment!

Body Fixers: How Much Does It Cost?

You may be wondering how much the life changing transformations cost? We all know cosmetic surgeries don’t come cheap, but how much do the Body Fixers charge for their services?

The answer is, we’re not really too sure, however, back in 2018 when sister show Tattoo Fixers was airing, a Tattoo Fixers spokesperson at the time said “It does not cost anything to apply for the show.” So, we assume the same goes for Body Fixers.

The surgeries undertaken range from a small haircut to big cosmetic surgeries such as lip filler, so some would come at a steep price in the real world! So, if you really want to be in with a chance to get your corrections done for free, keep an eye out on the Channel 4 casting website. You never know when they may be scouting again!

Will Body Fixers Be Back for Series 3?

So will our favourite glam squad be back on our screens any time soon? The last episode of Body Fixers Season 2 aired on E4 back in 2017. However, since the show has been picked up by Netflix, fans are eager for more!

We took to Twitter to do some investigating and it looks like the Body Fixers want another series as much as we do!

We’re hoping the acknowledgement of this tweet from Dr Esho was a hint!

Which client shocked you the most on Body Fixers Season 1? Let us know in the comments below!

Body Fixers Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.