With the summer of love in full swing, fans can’t help but wonder when the end date of this year’s show will be due to the previous year only having a shorter winter series than a ‘typical’ Love Island season. With Love Island 2021, starting in June. Fans are curious, how long will the show run for, has covid impacted it, and when will the finale be?

New boy Teddy is one of the latest villa recruits | Screengrab

How long does Love Island run for?

Usually, a series of Love Island goes for about eight weeks, and it is rumoured this year it will run for eight weeks again. In previous years the series had run for less time, like in 2017 when it was only on for 7 weeks.

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When is the Love Island finale?

Like all previous years, Love Island 2021 doesn’t have a confirmed end date yet. But being its first summer series since 2019, anything could happen. Plus, ITV often likes to keep this a mystery until closer to the end of the series. Taking the finish date to the 23rd of August. Which is a Monday. It is not unusual for the ITV 2 show to have its finale on a Monday.

When is the love island end date?
The winners of the 2020 Winter Love Island | Screengrab

The finale consists of crowing the most popular couple chosen by the viewers. The winning couple will then decide if to split the money between them or keep the money for themselves. Finalists have always shared the winnings. However, this year the couples seem a lot less passionate with each other than previous series’s. Leaving fans wondering if this year it will finally happen.

Has the pandemic affected Love Island 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on the 2020 summer series altogether, leaving fans of the show gutted! Although fans could get their Love Island fix from the first-ever winter edition of the show, which was due to be the first of 2 seasons that year. Meaning the winter season was much shorter than the length of a usual summer season.

Apart from the pre-show isolation after travelling to Majorca, where the summer series is filmed. The show appears to be following its usual format. This includes being filmed on cameras around the villa. Although fans seem to notice Laura Whitmore be around less this year, this may be due to the show being less host-based.

With plenty more weeks of drama-filled Love Island action to come, we can’t wait to see who enters the villa next.