Casa Amor is one of those twists in Love Island that you hate but love at the same time. It’s guaranteed to cause a lot of drama, with fan favourites ultimately facing the dreaded recoupling. With the second villa ready to tempt the contestants into a whole new relationship, no couples are safe from Amor. The 7th season of the show seems to have less drama than usual, leaving fans more excited than ever for Amor and wondering when it will appear this time around.

Casa Amor recoupling

2020 Love Island Casa Amor | Screengrab

In previous years, it’s seen couples who get coupled at the start get their relationships pushed to the limit. With the couples in the villa building up their relationships, such as Liberty and Jake, fans worry for their future together once the second villa is present. So when does it start, and what can fans expect?

When does Casa Amor start?

Although the date of Casa Amor has yet to be revealed, based on the previous series of the show, it tends to premiere around the middle of the series. Providing the contestants time to get to settle into their couples before and after the second villa. Some fans are concerned that the beloved Casa Amor may not be a part of this series because it is not included in the USA or South African versions of the show.

However, apart from a location change, it seems the news of Casa is pretty much a secret for now.

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What is Casa Amor?

If you’re new to Love Island, Casa Amor involves the boys being taken from the main villa and put into a new one with six new girls. For those who aren’t feeling their pairs, it’s a great chance for them to meet someone new. However, it is known for destroying existing relationships built in the villa. However, the boys and girls are provided temptations of new relationships all series. The boys and girls are separate villas during this time, making it easier for the boy’s heads to be turned.

Boys heading for Casa Amor

Season 6 Love Island | Casa Amor

When did it start?

Casa Amor has been a feature in every UK series since the 2017 edition of the show and is a firm fixture as far as fans are aware. The second villa usually lasts 3-4 days, resulting in the boys going back to the main villa. Amor saw many breakups in the first winter season of Love Island, including fan favourites Shaugna and Callum. But also strengthened the relationship of two pairs which are still together to this day.

What happens after Casa Amor?

Once the boys stay in Casa Amor comes to an end, they return to the main villa, and a huge recoupling ceremony will happen. They will choose whether they stay with their current love interest or have found themselves happy in a whole new relationship.

This part of the series is super popluar and fans can’t wait to see what happens this year.