Indian Matchmaking took us into the life of top matchmaker Sima Taparia, travelling around India and America, finding potential spouses for a bunch of Indian singletons. One of the most memorable (and meme-able) cast members from the show was Aparna. Labelled as ‘fussy’ and ‘fickle-minded’ by matchmaker Sima at the start, she eventually opened her heart to Jay and warmed up to viewers. By the end, all the Indian Matchmaking viewers were rooting for Aparna and Jay. 

Aparna finally found someone she liked, but did it have a happy ending? As we all know, Sima’s ‘efforts are meaningless if the stars are not aligned’ so were Aparna and Jay’s stars aligned after all?

Indian Matchmaking Aparna and Jay

Indian Matchmaking. Photo Credit: Netflix

Indian Matchmaking: Who Are Aparna and Jay?

Jay and Aparna are both cast members from the hit Netflix Original Show Indian Matchmaking. Aparna Shewakramani is a lawyer from Houston and Jay Wadhwani is a co-founder of a countertop installation group from Atlanta. 

Aparna is one of the original cast members and was a client of Sima’s from day one. Sima went through many bachelor’s for Aparna (and her mum!) and was close to giving up hope until she found Jay. Aparna ended their first date by saying “I don’t hate him.” which is definitely a compliment from her! We were ready to dig out our wedding outfits!

During the course of the show, Aparna and Jay went on a range of dates including the memorable goat yoga. (Yes that is yoga with goats walking around!)

Jay even met Aparna’s friends, who definitely approved. The pair bonded over not wanting kids at their wedding and were even talking about the future, discussing whether they should move to LA or New York.

But does Aparna still ‘not hate’ Jay?

Are Aparna and Jay Still Together?

Unfortunately not. In fact, it is believed that none of the couples matched together on the show are together anymore. 

Talking to the LA Times about the men Sima set her up with, Aparna said: “They were all wonderful people, they just weren’t the one for me.”

In a recent Instagram post, Aparna expressed how she was still friends and remains close with all the men she went on dates with.

However, there might be some light in the Aparna and Jay situation. In an interview with Screen Rant it was mentioned that Jay had said the pair had stopped talking as much after the show due to distance. However, they rekindled the conversation after the launch date. Jay also hinted a future with Aparna was not ‘off the table.’

Responding to this, Aparna told Screen Rant, “I’m very flattered to hear that – we certainly do have a wonderful friendship.” She also revealed that they are both planning to move to New York in 2021, so who knows what could happen! It is the City of Dreams after all.

So has the rekindled conversation rekindled the romance between Aparna and Jay?

Where Are Aparna and Jay Now?

Seeing as pretty much the whole world has been in quarantine for the last 6 months, not much has happened. However, dating has now turned virtual, so we checked Aparna and Jay’s Instagram to see what the pair are up to separately. What did we find?

Aparna posts much about her life and the show, she does have one post from the start of August which mentions ‘great company’ with Jay, could this mean something?

Jay also posts about the show and Aparna, so we’re pretty certain they’re on good terms. However, for fans rooting for them, this one might break your heart. Jay has a recent post with another woman, however, there are no clear clues this is a romantic partner. So there may still be hope!

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Well, if the moves to New York both go ahead, who knows what can happen in the future! We’ve got our fingers crossed for the couple.

Indian Matchmaking Series 1 is streaming now on Netflix.