Netflix docuseries Unsolved Mysteries has left fans gripped since it first aired this month. In particular, the mysterious death of Ray Rivera. There are many questions unanswered in this case. Notably, these questions surround Frank Porter Stansberry. So, in Unsolved Mysteries Netflix, who’s Rey Rivera friend?

Ray Rivera’s death is explored in “Mystery on the Rooftop”, episode one of Unsolved Mysteries.

Of course, the episode left viewers with many of their own theories, and Ray Rivera’s tragic death has certainly sparked conversation.

Whilst there is still much speculation surrounding the circumstances of Rey Rivera’s case back in 2006, one person has left fans wanting to know more. Rey’s friend Frank.

So, who is Rey Rivera’s friend in Netflix Unsolved Mysteries?

Well, we’re going to take a look at Rey Rivera’s case, and tell you a bit more about his mysterious friend, Frank.

Unsolved mysteries: what happened to Rey Rivera?

Rey Rivera is a 32-year-old financial writer, who tragically died in Baltimore in 2006.

The circumstances under which Rey died have remained disputed, and are discussed in the first episode of Netflix show Unsolved Mysteries.

So, what happened to Rey Rivera?

Ray Rivera had been reported missing a week before his body was found at a Baltimore hotel in 2006. The police originally ruled Rey’s death as suicide. However, autopsy results, and new evidence have sparked further investigation. Of course, this has left questions over what really happened to Rey Rivera?

At the time of his death, Rey had been living in Baltimore with his wife Alison. He was also working as a financial writer at finance company Porter Stansberry. In fact, Porter Stansberry is owned by Rey’s friend Frank Porter Stansberry.

What happened to Rey Rivera is still unknown, but Unsolved Mysteries has fuelled questions over Rey’s friend’s involvement in his death.

So, what do we learn about Rey Rivera friend in Unsolved Mysteries Netflix?

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Rey Rivera: who is friend Frank?

Frank Porter Stansberry owns the company where Rey was working as a financial writer at the time of his death.

Frank and Rey had been friends since high school, so had known each other a very long time. In fact, Frank allegedly asked Rey to come to Baltimore to take on this job as a financial writer at his company.

So, why the questions surrounding Rey’s friend Frank?

Well, Netflix show Unsolved Mysteries, reveals that the last call Rey received before his untimely death, was from the switchboard at Porter Stansberry.

Not only that, but Frank seems reluctant to cooperate with the police during the investigation into Rey’s death. Yes, Frank did not want to speak to police during enquiries into the case, and allegedly prohibited employees of the company from talks with the police too. The firm did, however, release a statement saying nobody was prevented from communicating with the police.

Of course, these disclosures left viewers questioning why Frank wouldn’t want to participate in the enquiry. Particularly as it was the tragic death of his best friend.

There is no conclusive evidence to prove Frank is involved in Rey Rivera’s case. And he has released no statement surrounding the case on Unsolved Mysteries. Many fans are wondering where is Frank Porter Stansberry now, and what he has been doing since the investigation. But it appears he has remained relatively quiet ever since.

As the show states, the case is an Unsolved Mystery. But the speculation surrounding Rey Rivera’s mysterious death is certainly still going strong.