Netflix docuseries Unsolved Mysteries has got us all thinking we’re part of the FBI, and the case of Patrice Endres is no different.  The 2nd episode of the series, “13 Minutes” shows the case of Patrice, who abruptly disappeared from her salon in the short time frame. 

Patrice was a 38 year old from Georgia, who was last seen alive on April 15th 2004 when she went missing from her salon. 600 days later, her bone remains were found buried in an area behind a Church, confirming she had been killed.

At the time of Patrice’s disappearance she was married to Rob Endres, who was 20 years her elder. She had a son from her previous marriage, Pistol who was 16 when his Mother went missing.

But what actually happened in those crucial 13 minutes? And who could have been involved?

What do we know about Patrice’s death?

Patrice went missing from her salon in Georgia on April 15th 2004. According to phone records, 11.37am was the time of the last phone call Patrice answered. The first call she didn’t pick up came at 11.50am, leaving a 13 minute time frame for her disappearance.

Police said the salon was left ‘untouched’ and the only thing which was suspicious was that the money in the cash register was gone.

Patrice’s bones were found on December 6th, 2005, 600 days after Patrice’s disappearance. The bones were found at the back of a church in Dawson County, Georgia, 10 miles away from the salon. This left Patrice’s family and friends with hopes she may still be alive for almost two years. 

However, we heard in Netflix Unsolved Mysteries that Patrice had a wedding ring, which was not found with her body. The ring still remains missing to this day. Police say this piece of evidence could hold the key to finding the perpetrator.

Although police have questioned a number of suspects, no one has ever been charged for the case. But who are these suspects and why where they questioned? 

Theories of Patrice’s death

What really happened in those crucial 13 minutes? Just like in the case of Rey Rivera,  Netflix Unsolved Mysteries viewers have taken to forum sites such as Reddit to discuss their theories on the murder of Patrice. So what theories do viewers have for Patrice’s death?

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Theory #1: Murder for hire

In the 13 minutes Patrice went missing two individual witnesses said they saw Patrice at the door of her salon speaking to two people. Both witnesses, who were separate, described the people very similarly, leading the police to believe these to be credible witness accounts.

The police do know who these two people could be, leaving viewers thinking this could have been a murder for hire plot.

However, Police have identified no suspects linked to this.

Theory #2: The man who confessed

Jeremy Jones actually confessed to the murder of Patrice before her bones were found. Investigators searched the creek where he claimed to have disposed of Patrice’s body, however no evidence was found. Jones then recanted his confession.

He later revealed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he had “made up the story to get better food and extra jail visitation and phone privileges”.

Another suspect, Gary Hilton was also questioned. He was known to Police for calling people and conning them out of money and in person. He also made a statement one day that his favourite place to go was a hair salon at around lunchtime.

However, police have not proved any of the men were involved.

Theory #3: Patrice’s husband Rob

The show made no secret that Rob had been interviewed in relation to Patrice’s disappearance. Patrice’s friends said she wanted to divorce Rob, but Rob said he had no idea of this. Patrice’s son Pistol also told Netflix Unsolved Mysteries film makers that Rob should be investigated in the murder of Patrice. It was also shown in the documentary that the two had a rocky relationship.

However, at the time of Patrice’s disappearance, Rob was at a gas station 45 minutes away from the salon and has a receipt which proves his whereabouts at the time.

Police said Rob was thoroughly investigated, and the timeline does not eliminate him, but greatly reduces the chances.

Police car: Unsolved Mysteries Netflix Rey

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Speaking on the claims on Unsolved Mysteries Rob said: “I have no comment for people that think that I killed Patrice because I don’t talk to those people. Because I know I didn’t, Patrice knows I didn’t, and it’s physically impossible time-wise for me to have been involved in it. Think what you like.”

Terry Dunn Meurer, producer of the show, also spoke on the claims Rob was involved. In an interview with Variety, Terry said:

“Jeremy Jones has not been ruled out as a suspect in this case, and neither has Gary Hilton. We really try and present balanced cases. As far as I’m concerned, Rob is innocent until proven guilty.

“We take everyone’s interview at face value. Rob’s a character, but he was very, very honest with us in his responses to the interview, and we believe him. We respect him, and we respect everyone we interview.”

Anyone who has any information about Patrice’s case should visit or call the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Tip Line on 800-597-8477.