Fans of Gogglebox around the UK were thrilled to hear that Chris Eubanks and his son would be returning to the show after their first appearance back in 2019. Alongside a massive list of famous faces, fans couldn’t wait to see the pair in action, especially since they were centre stage on their previous stint on the show.

Due to the nature of the show and the recent releases of each programme watched, the episodes are filmed throughout the week before being aired. An episode is put together just 3 days before it goes on air, which provides fans with an almost real-time look into their favourite celebrities.

When the Eubanks were announced to be back on the hit show, fans couldn’t wait for it to air, and they weren’t disappointed.

Chris Eubank Sr and Jr on Gogglebox | Screengrab

Who are the Eubanks?

The Eubanks are father and son duo Chris Eubank Sr and Chris Eubank Jr. The pair are both known for being professional boxers. However, Chris Eubank Sr is now a retired former boxer. Since his boxing career ended, the ex-boxer has been on numerous tv shows. Including Celebrity Big Brother, I’m a celebrity and now, of course, Gogglebox.

How old are the Eubanks? 

Chris Eubank Sr is 54 years old, and his son Chris Eubank Jr is 31 years old. The pair have a close bond and have both become professional boxers. 

Chris Eubank Jr | Instagram

Who is Chris Eubank Jr? 

Chris Eubank Jr is currently a professional boxer, and he has held the Interim Middleweight title since 2019, where the 31-year-old has won 30 fights during his career and only lost 2. Which like his father, he is becoming a boxing name. Chris Eubank Jr also has his own clothing line coming soon called Speedster Collection. With a successful career ahead of him, we can’t wait to see what is in store for the boxing superstar. 

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What is Chris Eubank famous for?

Chris Eubank is famous for a range of different things. However, primarily it is for his remarkable professional boxing career from 1985 to 1998. BoxRec has also ranked Eubank as the third best British boxer of all time. He was rising to peak popularity in the 1990s. He was WBO Middleweight and super-middleweight champion for many years in his career, making him a boxing legend. 

The eubanks gogglebox
Screengrab | Channel 4

Where do they film Gogglebox from?

The father and son duo film Celebrity Gogglebox from Chris Jr’s house in Brighton and Hove. The 31-year-old was born in Hove and went to school in Brighton before moving to Las Vegas.  However, for most of his life, Chris Eubank Jr has lived in Brighton. 

The Eubanks on social media

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