New boy Teddy Soares is set to bring a storm into the Love Island villa during his entrance. With a lot of the girls currently single, including Faye and Kaz. Fans are interested to see who the hunk will couple up with. The 26-year-old from Manchester isn’t a stranger to the limelight, as fans wonder Teddy love island a model? With the answer being confirmed that Soares previously worked as a model.

So hopefully, this Love Island newbie will find Love in the villa. After all, the chemistry between these lot, being referred to as having less chemistry than a GCSE science lesson. We are excited to find out more about Teddy and what the future holds for his love life.

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Is Teddy Love Island a Model?

Teddy Soares previously worked as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch from 2011-2014, a pretty big deal. Despite him taking a different career path after this. We can confirm, he was a model. But is now a Senior Financial Consultant according to his Linkedin profile. At the time of his modelling for Abercrombie and Fitch, he would have been just 16. However, those are still shots he is proud of today. Although it doesn’t state how old his Starnow bio is, fans are curious to know who’s being played.

Much like Love Island, his sample shots on his variety of profiles are topless, with many abs and striking facial features on show.

Fans of the show are certain he will go for Kaz, as he is her type on paper.

How tall is Teddy Brad Soares Love Island?

This season of Love Island hosts some of the tallest contestants ever, so the girls are hopeful for another tall man. Being a model can often require a certain height. This is usually taller for men. Well, according to his Starnow profile, Teddy is 6ft and considers himself to well built. Although fellow contestants Brad and Liam are taller than Teddy, he still towers over the girls and many boys.

When is Casa Amor back?

Does Teddy Love Island model?

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Is Teddy Soares an actor?

Alongside Teddy modelling, fans want to know if the 26-year-old is an actor too. According to Soares Starnow profile, he has no acting experience and has never been an extra in any TV show. However, his bio also advises, despite him having no previous experience. Teddy advises that he believes his creativity, confidence and originality will provide him with the skills he needs to achieve greatness. He also goes on to say, “I also pride myself in being able to learn quickly, take constructive directions and passionate when doing so.” therefore, it is likely during his time in the villa, we will see his confidence shine through.

There is also nothing about reality tv on his starnow profile; however, it advises similar information to the acting section. But it looks Teddy will need to update his profile to feature Love Island after the show.