GoCelebrity Gogglebox has returned to Channel 4, and fans of the show have been discussing one thing – Stacey Solomon and her outfit. 

Stacey Solomon is back for another series of the popular reality show, and she is doing what Solomon does best! Stacey films the show from her living room in Essex, where she is accompanied by her maybe-husband, Joe Swash. The two continuing to please with their down-to-earth chatter and hilarious banter!

But Stacey’s wardrobe choices have also been met with a widely positive reception! One Solomon outfit, in particular, causing much interest and fashion envy!

So, what was this outfit? Where did Stacey Solomon buy it? Let’s take a look at Solomon’s time on the show, and the outfit that got tongues wagging!

What Outfit Did Stacey Solomon Wear?

When celebrities join the cast of Gogglebox, they are basically opening up their homes to the scrutiny of the public. Allowing audiences to criticise and evaluate their respective households and lifestyles!

One thing that always seems to fall under severe judgement, is the condition of the celebrities fashion sense and their overall personal taste! Be this a positive review of Zoe Ball’s anachronistic living-room or a backlash concerning Roman Kemp’s dirty socks.

In the second series of Celebrity Gogglebox, Stacey Solomon made the British public take pause when she sported a stunning new outfit. A pastel, rainbow-striped tracksuit! 

The item of clothing was immediately noticeable by its colourful pattern. A design, so daring that Joe Swash even compared it to a Zap lollipop on his Instagram.

The comfortable-looking outfit immediately had Gogglebox fans rushing to their computers, hoping to find the website where Stacey Solomon obtained it!

So where is it from? Who is the creative mind that designed it?

Where Did The Outfit Come From?

The rainbow tracksuit is the creation of British fashion designer, Olivia Rubin. As a designer, Rubin has become popular within celebrity circles – Rosie Fortescue and Holly Willoughby being open fans of the Rubin brand.

The complete tracksuit belongs to Rubin’s new rainbow collection, which was released to coincide with Pride Month. But there’s more! Rubin even announced that she would be donating a portion of the proceeds for the collection, to the LGBT Foundation.

The second series of Celebrity Gogglebox aired in early June. So it is wonderful to see Solomon openly supporting the LGBTQ+ community, in all her pastel glory!

Currently, the tracksuit is still available on Rubin’s website! However, one look at the price tag may make you reconsider your purchase!

How Much Is The Outfit?

The comfy tracksuit is sold on Rubin’s website as two separate pieces! The colourful long sleeve top and the matching wide-leg trousers. And both items of clothing come in at a hefty price!

The top alone will cost you a whopping £200! While the matching trousers are a further £150! The complete set coming together to cost a colossal £350!

However, it is unsurprising that Stacey Solomon was able to afford such luxurious loungewear. This year it was estimated that the television personality could earn up to £14,700 on a single sponsored Instagram post!

And this is not the first time we have seen Solomon strutting her stuff in a Rubin garment! In 2019, after a brief hiatus from television, Solomon appeared on the panel show Loose Women. During the show, Solomon wore a dazzling rainbow dress, complete with glittering sequins.

The dress is another Rubin creation priced around £395! But this does not mean that Solomon only wears Rubin creations. As we have also seen Solomon sporting more affordable items as well.

What About Stacey’s Pink Outfit!

Stacey Solomon’s selection of cosy loungewear has continued to raise eyebrows with each new episode of Celebrity Gogglebox. In one episode, Stacey also wore a pink knitted jumper, with matching leggings.

Similar to the iconic rainbow tracksuit, the loungewear set had people rushing to the internet in search of a shopping cart.

However, unlike anything in the Rubin collection, this comfortable ensemble is far more affordable! The set can currently be found on the Pretty Little Thing website, and is priced at £28 for the whole outfit! Definitely a bargain!

The outfit is also available in three stunning colours, from the traditional rosy pink to pale cream and a fashionable black.

If you would like to purchase your own set, you may want to act quick. Because there is no guarantee that the tracksuit will still be available after its recent popularity.

It seems Solomon is setting the trend when it comes to British fashion. Recently, Solomon herself entered the world of fashion design, working closely with a little brand called Primark!


What Is The Stacey Solomon Collection?

In 2018, Solomon announced that she would be partnering up with Primark to create her own line of clothing. The Stacey Solomon collection would hit stories during the winter/autumn season and would prove immediately popular with shoppers!

The style of the collection is marked by its trendy designs and colourful patterns! Being made up of fashionable skirts and striped jumpers, that can be worn and matched with anything! Solomon even modelled the clothes herself, and refused to have the marketing stills airbrushed in any way!

The line’s popularity saw Solomon returning to the popular brand to create a second collection.

In 2019, Solomon spent most of the year on maternity leave, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t working hard from home. Her second clothing collection would hit Primark stores in October and would once again prove popular among the public!

And Solomon continues to rock her stylish taste on our television screens today!

What Outfit is Stacey Solomon Wearing Now?

Currently, you can catch Stacey’s stylish outfits on the new series of Celebrity Gogglebox, which is now available on All4. Joining Solomon in the cast is a plethora of famous faces – such as Babatunde Aleshe and Mo Gilligan! The new fan favourites of the show!

With the country still dealing with the restrictions placed on it by the lockdown, a lot of people still find themselves trapped inside their houses. And Stacey Solomon is no different! However, her collection of comfy loungewear has proven that she is living through the current apocalypse in style!

Have you been watching Celebrity Gogglebox? Have you been envious of Stacey’s outfits? Leave a comment below about your favourite Stacey Solomon look!