Reality TV fans flocked to Netflix in 2020 when Single Wives dropped on the streaming service. The TV show draws in tonnes of fans due to its refreshing view of divorced women dating. But now fans want to know – of the Single Wives, who is still together in 2020?

Yes, the dating show originally aired in Australia back in 2018, where dating coach Matthew Hussey gave the women a new lease of dating life. Unfortunately, that means those of us obsessing over the show in 2020 have no idea if our favourite couples have even made it this far!

Luckily for us, Single Wives stars Nikki, Emma, Sunnie, and Sheridan are all on Instagram – and we’ve done some hunting!

So, read on to find out who is still together from Single Wives in 2020 and meet the cast on Instagram!

Meet Single Wives Dating Coach Matthew Hussey on Instagram!

Single Wives cast

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Nikki Mitropoulos on Instagram!

Nikki Mitropoulos broke our hearts on Netflix show Single Wives, as she tried to deal with the tragic loss of her husband whilst moving forward with her dating life on the show.

But in a sweet turn of events, Nikki met Kiel, who took her rollerblading, on boat trips, and even flew across the country for a surprise dinner party. Too cute!

So, are Nikki and Kiel still together? Unfortunately, no. In fact, Nikki revealed on an Instagram post that she and Kiel split due to the long-distance!

Nikki and Kiel in 2020: Find out all About the Couple!

Nikki is now running a restaurant of her own in Melbourne, and caring for son Danny who also featured on the show!

Sunnie Khakh on Instagram!

Sunnie is the chattiest and bubbliest of the Single Wives and met construction worker Tommy at a bar during one of the challenges.

Whilst the couple got off to a rocky start, thanks to a little rivalry from Emma – they date throughout the rest of the show.

But did they last?

Again – no! Sunnie responded to a fan’s comment on her Instagram citing long distance as the cause for the split. Why do none of our favourite couples live closer together!

Sunnie is reportedly still single and is living Melbourne where she works as a Business Owner for an Australian firm. She also does her makeup artistry on the side – which she regularly shares on her Instagram page, along with health and wellness advice!

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Sheridan Buchanan-Sorensen on Instagram!

Sheridan causes some controversy on Single Wives when she starts to date her ex-husband’s friend Dan – much to Matthew Hussey’s concern!

At the end of the show, Sheridan and Dan are still an item – but did the couple last? Well, it may not come as a surprise to learn that Dan and Sheridan are no longer together – yet another Single Wives couple that didn’t make it to 2020! In fact, Sheridan replied to a fan’s comment on an Instagram post implying that Dan may have cheated – much like her ex-husband which she revealed on the show.

Thankfully, Sheridan is still her hilarious and wild self, and regularly shares snaps of her life on Instagram as a blogger, foodie, and mum.

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Emma Wynne on Instagram

Emma appeared on Single Wives after being single for three years following a sad, and painful divorce. She struggled with opening up to men on the show, particularly when it came to displaying her vulnerability.

Meet Single Wives Emma Wynne: Find Out What Made Emma go on the Show!

Well, in a lovely turn of events, Emma is now working as a men’s vulnerability coach. Yes, her job is to help men open up about past trauma and difficulties in their lives! She is reportedly still single, but looking at her Instagram – she’s succeeding hugely in her career!

View this post on Instagram

Lately I’ve been coaching guys who are realising that who they’ve been their whole life, isn’t really them – the aggression, the control, the anxiety, the reacting, feeling depressed, people pleasing, fear, self hatred, self doubt, unease, comparison, all kinds of stuff. I know this journey so well. Who I am today, my true and authentic self, she was hidden for many years under these kind of behaviours and emotional states. So how’d I find the real me? I started with becoming aware and realising if shit was going to change, it started with me. I call any man who goes on this journey, BRAVE and fucking courageous. Because let me tell you, it is not easy or for the feint hearted. BUT it is the most liberating, empowering and profound journey I have ever taken. For every piece of pain I felt and let out, I experienced a piece of freedom, connection and wholeness. To remove the masks, and release depression, anxiety, self hatred, self doubt, indecision, people pleasing, internal exhaustion – myyyyy god. The relief. The freedom. It’s on offer to all us, the question is, will you step into the arena and fight for your life, your future, your goals, your relationships, your happiness … your freedom? Men, if the answer is yes, leave a comment below and I’ll book you in for a coaching call. Yes, I did the work to heal, but I had teachers, coaches and mentors leading, teaching, and supporting me the whole way through it. You don’t have to walk it alone, you weren’t designed to. I’ve gone to the depths of my soul, faced my deepest pains, and have healed and transformed. I would never expect you to go to places within yourself that I haven’t been to within myself. Hit me up. Let’s unleash the beast that is the real, true YOU. Photo Credit: @narellekate_photography #mensvulnerabilitycoach #menshealth #mensmentalhealth #healing #masculine #sacredmasculine #innerwork #psychology #coaching #nlp #man #men

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So, none of our Single Wives couples made it to 2020. But it looks as though the Netflix cast are loving their single lives!

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