Single Wives arrived on Netflix earlier this month and introduced us to the perfect match – Nikki and Kiel! Of course, the original show concluded two years ago, which has left fans wondering – are Single Wives Nikki and Kiel still together in 2020?

Yes, Single Wives season 1 first premiered in Australia in 2018, so for those of us tuning in on Netflix, there is certainly a delay in time! Unfortunately, that means we have so many questions about what the couples are all up to now!

If you’ve recently watched Single Wives and fallen in love with couple Nikki and Kiel, you may be wondering whether their relationship lasted?

Well, we’ve got all you need to know on Single Wives couple Nikki and Kiel in 2020!

What is Netflix show Single Wives?

Single Wives originally aired in Australia by host FiFi Box, but was recently picked up by Netflix and launched earlier this month.

The dating show follows four women, who are all previously married and are looking for love again.

During the show, we see the four women going on dates with eligible men – but that’s not all!

In fact, after the dates, they have their dating technique, conversation style and approach, critiqued by dating coach Matthew Hussey!

Yes, Matthew Hussey coaches the women to guide them towards healthier and happier relationships!

The four women learn a lot about themselves, and their expectations, as they put themselves back out into the dating world, and the honesty of the show has left viewers hooked!

One particular couple – Nikki and Kiel – have certainly left fans of the show wanting more details!

So, how are Single Wives couple Nikki and Kiel in 2020? Let’s learn a bit more about their Single Wives journey!

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Single Wives Nikki and Kiel – who are the couple?

Nikki Mitropoulos is a restaurant owner and full-time mum from Melbourne. She is one of the four contestants on Single Wives, and she may be the favourite of the series!

Unfortunately, Nikki has a very tragic backstory that she discloses on the show, and that left fans of the Netflix star heartbroken on her behalf.

Nikki reveals on the show that she is widowed from her previous marriage, after she lost her husband Daniel in a motorbike accident.

Even more tragically, Nikki was pregnant at the time of Daniels death, and gave birth a few months later. Nikki named her son Daniel after his father and is now a full-time mum to him alongside running her business.

Of course, Nikki has faced some very tough times and took a big step appearing on Single Wives, particularly as she has only been in one serious relationship since she lost her husband.

So, what about Kiel?

Well, Kiel is one of the eligible men that Nikki is set up with on the show. And honestly? The couple hit it off straight away!

In fact, during one episode, Nikki feels she should be completely honest with Kiel about everything in her life – making her date look increasingly nervous!

Nikki reveals her big secret – that she smokes – and Kiel looks relieved! Of course, it was clear at that point that Nikki wanted to start off on the right foot with total honesty between them – adorable!

So, two years on from the end of the series, what has happened to Nikki and Kiel?

Are they still together?

Let’s find out whether Single Wives Nikki and Kiel made it to 2020!

Nikki and Kiel in 2020 – are they still together?

Unfortunately, for all the Nikki and Kiel supporters out there, the couple aren’t still together.

Yes, in a comment posted to a fan on Nikki’s Instagram page, Nikki revealed that the couple broke up, but that they remain great friends.

So, we know that Nikki didn’t find true love on Single Wives, but she certainly gained the love of Single Wives fans world over!

If you want to know more about Nikki and her life in 2020, you can follow her on Instagram

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