Fifi Box is one of the stars and host of hit Netflix show Single Wives. But after watching the host help the Single Wives find love, we want to know – does Fifi Box have a partner herself?

Single Wives first aired in Australia back in 2018, but arrived on Netflix earlier this year sparking a new wave of fans.

Alongside dating coach Matthew Hussey, Fifi Box helps the four women in their quest to get back out in the dating world. Fifi is the perfect host for the show – especially in her excitement at the prospect of finding the Single Wives their next husband!

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But what do we know about the life of Fifi Box herself?

Well, it’s a good question! So, we’re going to take a closer look at the host of Single Wives and find out about Fifi Box, partner, kids and her Instagram!

Who Is the Single Wives Host?

Fifi Box is an Australian radio broadcaster and TV presenter, who hosts hit Netflix show, The Single Wives.

So, what do we know about Fifi Box?

Well, the Single Wives presenter grew up in Melbourne, Australia and studied at Tintern Grammar School. She regularly makes appearances there to speak to the students – and is clearly a great representative given her current career!

In fact, before Single Wives, Fifi Box hosted several successful radio shows in Australia. This includes The Today Network, a popular show broadcast in 2011.

Not only that, but Fifi Box appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2007 and made guest appearances in popular TV shows including The Project and Have You Been Paying Attention?

We obviously can’t forget Fifi’s most prominent TV appearance, which was as a regular cast member of Australian soap Neighbours! Yes, the star joined the cast in 2016 as Brooke Butler and was a regular recurring character until she left the following year – impressive!

So, we know that Fifi Box is no stranger to TV appearances and that she helped the Single Wives in their quest for love!

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The question now is, what do we know about the dating show hosts relationships?

Read on to find out!

Does Fifi Box Have a Partner?

If you’re wondering if Fifi Box has a partner, the answer is technically no.

The 43-year-old host is prone to causing speculation surrounding her romantic life – but why is this?

Well, Fifi Box secretly dated ex-Ironman contender and surf enthusiast, Grant Kenny back in 2012. Unfortunately, the couple didn’t work out and went their separate ways.

Fifi and Grant have always remained close friends, however, it is noted that she and Grant split only a short time before Fifi announced she was pregnant with her first daughter, Trixie.

But is Grant the father of her first child? Well, it is a subject that has never been publicly discussed by either of the couple. However, Grant is an active part of Trixie’s life, leading to the assumption he is likely to be her father.

On that note, Fifi has recently had another child, much to her and her daughter’s delight! Yes, read on to find out about Fifi Box’s journey to having a second child!

Fifi Box: IVF Baby News

Our favourite Single Wives host announced last year that she was having a second baby!

The then 41-year-old revealed the news via Instagram of a video breaking the news to Trixie that they were expecting another baby in the family!

Yes, Fifi Box had been receiving IVF treatment for a while and had successfully conceived in early 2019. The single mum was over the moon and is now raising her two children in Melbourne, Australia.

It was revealed that Fifi had gone through a donor, however, a close friend and ex-partner Grant had been supporting her through the journey.

Of course, fans of Fifi are delighted that she has a happy family she deserves! You can follow Fifi Box for updates on her adorable family and career on Instagram!

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