If you’ve watched Single Wives, Matthew Hussey will already be familiar to you. The show landed on Netflix in 2020, and is only becoming more popular!

Of course, dating coach Matthew Hussey is part of what makes the show so loved. His role on the show – to guide three single women looking for love – shows him in a kind, emotional, and sometimes brutally honest way!

But whilst we get to know a lot of honest truths about the women on the show, including widow Nikki who meets lovely Kiel – we don’t get to know much about the love guru himself!

So, if you want to know more about Single Wives Matthew Hussey – read on for everything on his life, relationships, and Instagram!

Who is Matthew Hussey?

Matthew Hussey is a dating coach in the new Netflix show Single Wives, which originally aired in Australia back in 2018.

So, what do we know about Matthew Hussey?

Well, Essex-born Matthew is a self-taught expert in finding love. So much so, that at the age of 21 Matthew launched a website called ‘How to Get the Guy’. According to the website, it is the go-to place for those looking for relationship and dating advice that ‘gets results’.

Well, from what we saw on Single Wives – we believe it!

After Matthew launched the incredibly successful website, he ended up with a YouTube channel and a book deal. In fact, he is a New York Times bestseller!

But what about Matthew’s love-life? Well, 33-year-old Matthew was dating singer-songwriter, Camila Cabello, for over a year in 2018. The pair reportedly split last year and Matthew isn’t currently dating anybody – according to his Instagram – but more on that later!

Matthew is now perhaps most well-known for his appearance on the Single Wives. Viewers fell in love with his incredibly sensitive and honest approach to the women – ok, so he made radio announcer Emma cry, but it was all for a good cause in the end.

Let’s take a closer look at Matthew Hussey’s time on Single Wives!

Single Wives: Matthew Hussey on the Netflix Show

Before Single Wives, Matthew had made relatively few appearances on TV.

So, for him to appear on an Australian reality TV show is a little out of his usual territory. But, in true romantic style, Matthew said it was the aim of the show that drew him in – to help women who had been divorced get back out there.

So, did he help them get back out in the dating world?

Well, yes! In fact, all the women finished the TV show more confident and raring to get out into the dating world again.

Matthew’s approach during the show was understanding and open with the women – perhaps that’ why Single Wives viewers can’t get enough of the show!

Now, all we want to know is, does Matthew Hussey have Instagram?

Let’s take a closer look!

Single Wives Matthew Hussey on Instagram

Single Wives star Matthew Hussey is in fact on Instagram.

So, what does it reveal about the dating coach?

Well, Matthew regularly shares pictures of his life in London, including snaps with his family and friends.

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My big little bro.

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Not only that, but in true dating coach form, Matthew also shares quotes and snaps of his advice on romance and dating. Yes, if you want some tips in that area – follow Matthew Hussey! He also regularly shares his own videos that go into more detail about his theories surrounding dating.

Is there any sign of a girlfriend on his profile? Well, no – not yet! Perhaps the star is busy focusing on everyone else’s romantic life!

You can find out more about Single Wives Matthew Hussey and join his 800 thousand followers on Instagram!

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