Radio announcer Emma Wynne struck a chord with fans when she appeared on Single Wives in 2018. But after the show landed on Netflix earlier this year, fans have been left wanting to know more about Emma and what she’s been up to since.

The reality TV show follows the lives of four women, all previously married, as they embark on a journey to find love again. Of course, that isn’t where it ends. After each date, the women get critiqued by dating coach – and host – Matthew Hussey!

But what do we know about fan favourite Single Wives’ Emma? Well, we’re going to introduce you to the radio announcer! Plus – we found the reality TV star on Instagram!

Single Wives Emma Wynee and cast

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Meet Single Wives Star Emma

Emma is from Melbourne, Australia, and features on Single Wives, hosted by Fifi Box which originally aired back in 2018. She appears on the show alongside fellow contestant Nikki Mitropoulos, who ended up having a very successful date with bachelor Kiel!

The Single Wives star is a former radio announcer for Light FM, a radio show that broadcasts in Australia. But her career doesn’t end there! The kind-hearted contestant is also a former youth worker for the Salvation Army!

So, what else do we know about Single Wives radio announcer Emma?

Well, before going on the reality TV show, Emma suffered through her fair share of struggles in love. In fact, her previous love-life is certainly unique. Yes, Emma has spoken honestly about growing up in a strict religious family, and how it impacted her love-life as she got older.

But what really happened in Emma’s love-life before Single Wives? Let’s find out!

Emma Wynne: Love-Life Before Single Wives

When radio announcer Emma first appeared on Single Wives, she had been single for almost three years.

But what happened that made her want to appear on the show?

Well, Emma had been married for four years before she decided to end her relationship and file for divorce. The radio announcer first married when she was 20, but coming from a strict religious background, this wasn’t unusual.

In an interview with the Daily Mail in 2018, Emma spoke openly about the effect her marriage and subsequent divorce had on her. She also shared that at the time of her marriage, she hadn’t yet lived with her husband, and that looking back, she was too young to marry.

Following the separation, Emma struggled to find support in her community, as her decision to divorce was frowned upon. The brave radio announcer said she wanted to appear on Single Wives as a voice for those who are going through similar struggles. Not only that but to show that you can still move on from heartbreak and start a new chapter in your life.

Of course, Single Wives contestant Emma became a firm favourite with viewers. Her bubbly and outgoing personality certainly had fans rooting for her, especially when she said her experience hadn’t put her off marriage!

So, what is Emma Wynne up to now?

Meet Emma Wynne on Instagram

If you are wondering what the reality TV star is up to now, well, you might be in for a surprise! We found Single Wives Emma Wynne on Instagram, where her profile reveals she is a men’s vulnerability coach!

Yes, the bubbly and brave reality TV star has turned to helping men face internal struggles. Of course, in an age of toxic masculinity, it is certainly something to be admired.

You can follow Emma Wynne on Instagram, where she shares quotes and inspiration as part of her new career!

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