Single Wives is now on Netflix, and fans can’t get enough of the dating show. But cast member Sheridan has left fans wanting to know more about her past – who is Single Wives Sheridan’s NRL husband?

Yes, Sheridan might be the oldest on the dating show, but the twice-divorced mum certainly doesn’t hold back about what she likes. Much to dating coach Matthew Hussey’s despair, Sheridan was stubborn in her quest to find love – and ended up dating her second ex-husband’s friend!

Whilst Sheridan makes several references to her second husband and his cheating ways, we are yet to find out more info on her first husband.

So, who is Sheridan’s ex-hubby – and what do we know about him?

Well, we’re going to take a closer look at Single Wives star Sheridan’s ex – and find out more about the NRL husband from her past!

Sherdian Single Wives NRL husband

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Who is Single Wives star Sheridan?

Sheridan Buchanan-Sorensen is one of four women who appear on dating show Single Wives, which originally aired in Australia in 2018.

The Single Wives star currently lives in Sydney, where she works as a blogger and a writer. In fact, Sheridan is also a self-professed foodie, and regularly shares snaps of her meals out and home-cooked creations on Instagram.

So, what else do know about Single Wives star Sheridan?

Well, the blogger and writer is a woman who likes a good time! Yes, during her time on the show Sheridan enjoys the challenges that involve a girl’s night out. Particularly when working as Emma Wynne and Sunnie’s Khahks wing woman!  In fact, her outspokenness is potentially what makes her such a fan-favourite on the show.

Despite her loud personality, Sheridan also shows viewers her vulnerable side. She opens up about her insecurities to Matthew Hussey, explaining that her insecurities are due to her second ex-husband cheating on her early in their marriage.

During her time on Single Wives, Sheridan makes several references to her second divorce, but mentions extremely little of her first husband – except that he is a National Rugby League (NRL) player!

Sheridan Single Wives: Who is her NRL Ex-Husband?

So, we know Sheridan’s first ex-husband is an NRL player – but what else do we know about the guy?

Well, Sheridan has two children with her first husband, Chloe, 14, and Isaac, 12, who she mentions on the show. In fact, Isaac also features on the Single Wives mum’s Instagram – so cute!

Considering Sheridan’s openness surrounding her more recent marriage, there is surprisingly little information on her first husband, the NRL player. However, in an article with New Idea, Sheridan mentions she is on good terms with her first husband, and the father of her children.

So, it looks as though Sheridan’s first husband has chosen to keep himself private. And it appears Sheridan has agreed to do the same!

But is the Single Wives star currently dating? Let’s find out!

Sheridan on Instagram: Is She Dating Anyone Now?

According to Sheridan’s Instagram, the Single Wives star isn’t currently dating anyone after her split from Dan, the man she started seeing on the show.

In fact, Sheridan regularly shares quotes surrounding the dating world, and how she finds online dating difficult. As Single Wives fans will know, Sheridan opened up about her struggles with online dating with Matthew Hussey and the rest of the wives.

But luckily, Sheridan looks to be enjoying the single life with her friends, who she regularly shares pictures with on her profile!

Not only that, but Sheridan is also still in contact with her Single Wives pals! Fans will be pleased to know she found friendships from the experience if not a man!

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