Shahs of Sunset season 8 reunion was rumoured to be cancelled earlier this year. With a stream of our favourite TV shows pushed back due to the pandemic, there was fear Shahs of Sunset would have the same fate!

Luckily, Shahs of Sunset made it to their reunion – albeit a virtual one! Much to fans delight, our favourite reality TV show returned – and so did the drama!

So, what happened in Shahs of Sunset season 8 reunion? And did the drama continue to unfold after a fiery season 8 landed earlier this year?

Well, we’ve got all the latest on Shahs of Sunset season 8 reunion!

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Shahs of Sunset Season 8: what happened?

Shahs of Sunset might just be Bravo’s most popular reality TV drama. Yes, reality TV has been huge this year. We’re talking Dating Around, and of course, Dating Around Brazil and sweet Jota – reality TV fans can’t get enough!

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So, when there was there was talk of the Shahs of Sunset season 8 reunion being cancelled, fans were devastated!

Why? Well, not only because our favourite Beverly Hills group wouldn’t be back on our TV. But also because of the drama that was left unfinished in season 8!

So, what happened in Shahs of Sunset season 8?

Shahs of Sunset season 8: what happened?

Well, firstly, fan favourite MJ reached the end of her difficult pregnancy, giving birth to the newest member of Shahs of Sunset cast! Baby Sham made an arrival after a dramatic birth, much to the delight of his parents!

In addition to this, Reza found out this has husband Adam had been sending flirty texts to another man. To make matters worse, MJ might also be involved in the relationship drama! Of course, in true reality TV drama style, it all ended with a restraining order – on MJ’s husband Tommy!

On top of all that, we see GG embark on a journey of motherhood through IVF treatment, and in good news for Mike, his romance started blossoming with new Persian-Jewish girlfriend Paulina!

So, lots happened in Shahs of Sunset season 8. Which, of course, made the prospect of a 2020 reunion even better!

Well, we know Shahs of Sunset reunion wasn’t cancelled – so what happened?

Shahs of Sunset reunion

Well, after much speculation as to whether the Shahs of Sunset reunion would be cancelled – it happened!

Of course, due to current restrictions within the ongoing pandemic – it was a virtual reunion!

Yes, our favourite Beverly Hills friends reunited via video. Despite the tense relations between Reza, MJ, Adam, and Tommy, it was definitely worth the watch!

Reza and MJ worked through the trouble that had ensued in season 8 and managed to salvage their friendship. In fact, this happened after the filming of the reunion, but is shown as a cut at the end of the video reunion itself!

Of course, this wasn’t before the group had their fill of shouting, accusations – and even storming off camera!

So, much to the delight of fans, Shahs of Sunset got their reunion! The question now is, will there be a season 9?

Shahs of Sunset: will there be a season 9?

Well, as of yet, there has been no confirmation of Shahs of Sunset season 9, however, it is still early days.

As the Shahs of Sunset season 8 aired earlier this year, and the reunion has recently been launched, there might not be a rush for Bravo to announce a new season. Of course, there will also be delays due to the ongoing global pandemic.

However, you can follow the main cast of the Shahs of Sunset on Instagram, where announcements of a new season will definitely be shared!

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