Selling Sunset Maya Vander nationality has had fans curious since she first appeared on season 2 of the hit Netflix show!

Maya was the new addition alongside Amanza Smith in season 2 of the show. Both women joined the LA based Ottenheim Group, selling incredible, envy-inducing properties.

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Of course, we got to know Maya Vander during Selling Sunset, and she revealed a little about her life. But now fans want to know more about the newest, and most down-to-earth, member of the show!

Yes, among Chrishell Stause divorce drama, and Christine Quinn’s wedding madness, Maya Vander has become a fan favourite.

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But what do we know about the multi-million-dollar property realtor?

Well, we’re going to tell you all about Selling Sunset Maya Vander nationality, age, and family!

What is Maya Vander nationality and age?

Maya Vander is one of the main casts – and current fan favourite – of Netflix show Selling Sunset.

She appeared on season 2 of the show earlier this year and was an immediate hit due to her down-to-earth personality.

So, what is Maya Vander’s nationality and age?

Well, Maya is 32-years-old and was born in Israel, but she has lived in a lot of places since.

In fact, Maya may have spent her childhood in Israel, but she has since lived in the Netherlands, Spain, and Singapore!  Yes, Maya has travelled a lot since leaving Israel, but she eventually settled in LA in 2002.

Maya actually speaks openly about leaving her birthplace on the show. She details how leaving Israel without financial help has driven her to work hard. Well, she has certainly done exceedingly well!

So, what else do we know about Selling Sunset Maya Vander?

What do we know about Maya Vander?

Well, Maya Vander famously kept her husband’s identity secret on the show. But what do we know about her marriage?

Well, the realtor has shared details about her marriage on the show. Mainly about their current long-distance relationship.

Yes, Maya’s husband currently works in Miami. He accepted a job offer he couldn’t refuse, leaving the couple living in different cities. Of course, Maya and her husband now visit each other regularly.

Interestingly, Maya is not only a realtor in LA for the Ottenheim Group, in fact, she actually has two jobs! Yes, Maya also works as a realtor in Miami for Douglas Elliman Real Estate. The Selling Sunset realtor decided to take an additional job as she knew she would frequently be spending time there. Maya Vander certainly does work hard!

Maya and her husband also have a son named Aiden. Again, on Selling Sunset, Maya revealed the difficulties the couple had trying to conceive.

Thankfully, since then Maya has also given birth to a daughter! Yes, the couple welcomed baby girl Elle Madison to the family last year!

It’s easy to see why Selling Sunset Maya Vander has been such a hit on the show. With her openness, honesty and easy-going personality, she certainly provides a well-needed break from the drama!

Selling Sunset season 3 will be back on Netflix next month. We wonder what this season will bring for the realtor team. But we hope that Maya keeps it as cool as last season!

If you want to know more about Maya Vander, you can follow her on Instagram!