Selling Sunset Jason Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald are causing a stir in the office in season three of the popular real estate show.

Yes, if you’re watching the current season of Selling Sunset, you’ll be all too aware that there is some definite resentment visible in Oppenheim Group office at the moment.

Why? Well, our favourite Beverly Hills realtors have noticed there is favouritism going on between ex-couple – and co-workers – Jason Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald. Whether this favouritism impacts their salaries, who knows – I mean, look at Christine Quinn’s net worth! But we get it, it’s the principle.

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The question is, do the Selling Sunset season three favouritism rumours ring-true?

And what exactly is the history between Selling Sunset stars Jason and Mary?

Let’s find out!

Did Selling Sunset Jason Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald Date?

If you’ve watched hit Netflix show Selling Sunset from the very beginning (yes, we have), then you’ll know that it’s no secret that Jason and Mary dated.

In fact, the past relationship of the co-workers is raised several times in the series. Including at Mary’s engagement party to now-husband Romain!

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But what exactly happened between Jason Oppenheim and Mary? How long did they date?

Well, let’s go back to Mary and Romain’s engagement party in season one – which was hosted at Jason’s house by the way!

At the party, Mary and Jason’s relationship was discussed and the Oppenheim Group owner revealed that the pair dated for at least six months, potentially a year. Yes, Mary said the couple had a ‘lingering period’, indicating it wasn’t a clear breakup.

Not only that, but it was then revealed that Jason and Mary Fitzgerald actually lived together. In the same house they were currently celebrating her engagement to Romain! So, clearly Jason and Mary are in a good place. I mean, there is friends with your ex and then there’s throw your ex an engagement party – so it’s clearly working well for them!

But if the couple are on such good terms, why did they break up?

Well, the exact details of the breakup aren’t discussed in the show. But Jason did say, when questioned about the reasons behind the split by Chrishell (who is currently going through her own breakup on the show), that it was ‘probably more on me’. He also went on to say they were closer now than when they were dating.

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Well, it’s safe to say Jason and Mary are certainly in a good place. But is their relationship having a negative effect on the Oppenheim Group realtors?

Selling Sunset Season 3: Jason and Mary Favouritism Rumours

As we know, there is friction in the Beverly Hills real estate office in season three of Selling Sunset.

Fellow realtors Christine, Chrishell, Amanza, Maya, Heather and Davina have all expressed during season three that they think favouritism is in play between Jason Oppenheim and realtor Mary.

Is this true?

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I gave one too many listings to Mary!

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Well, Jason certainly doesn’t seem to think so. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Jason makes it clear that all listings he gives out to the team are “strictly a response to their production, the amount of money they bring into the brokerage” and their level of expertise.

Well, when it comes to Mary’s real estate skills she is certainly at the top of her game. Let’s not forget the fact she sold her wedding venue in only a few weeks, impressing the billionaire owner so much that he gave her another property to sell worth $8million – over £6million!

But what does Mary think about all this? The realtor is reportedly upset her co-workers place her past relationship with boss Jason Oppenheim as the reason for her success, rather than her skills as a real estate agent.

Well, that’s fair enough. The question is, are these rumours going to cause long-term issues in the Oppenheim Group office?

Selling Sunset Season Three: Who’s Leaving the Cast?

As with any reality TV series, there is always a rumour somebody is going to leave – but is this the case with Selling Sunset?

In season three, we have heard fan-favourite Maya Vander and Christine Quinn discuss the possibility of leaving the Oppenheim Group. As we know, Maya already splits her time between L.A and Miami for her family. Not to mention Christine Quinn is recently married and consistently feuding with her fellow co-workers.

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But are either of them actually leaving the show?

Well, it’s unlikely.

Queen bee Christine threatened to go after her season three fight with friend Mary Fitzgerald, but has recently revealed Selling Sunset season 4 could be the best one yet! So, it looks like she isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

As for Maya Vander, she confirmed in an interview with People Magazine that she is officially “staying with Jason”, and that she is “working with a few potential, very good clients” with Jason in L.A.

Well, it looks as though the Selling Sunset realtors will be sticking together for the next season at least!

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