We’ve all found a new interest during quarantine and Netflix Original Selling Sunset has got many of us interested in the world of real estate. The show follows the lives of realtors working for the LA-based Oppenheim Group. But, like any reality show, it doesn’t stop there. Personal drama is thrown in the mix, leaving us wanting to know more about the Selling Sunset cast. Castmate Davina is at the centre of much of the Season 3 drama, so of course, we had to delve deeper into her life.

How old is Davina? Is she in a relationship? And most importantly, did she ever sell that 75 million dollar listing?!

Selling Sunset Cast: Who Is Davina Portratz?

Davina Portratz is one of the realtors who works for The Oppenheim Group, filmed for Selling Sunset. Although she now resides in America, she was actually born in Germany. As well as real estate, she has also previously worked as a model. 

Most people know Davina as being a cast member on Selling Sunset, however, this was not her first TV gig. She also featured on real estate show Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing which is also available to stream on UK Netflix. 

Unfortunately, Davina has not gone down as well as some of the rest of the Selling Sunset cast members. Known to some as the ‘villain’ of the show, Davina has had herself caught up in a fair bit of drama. Her actions in  Season 3 caused a stir with her reaction to castmate Chrishell and Justin Hartley’s divorce. The controversy started when she said there were ‘two sides’ to every story regarding the divorce. It was said she was taking Justin’s side after only meeting him once. 

However, Davina has recently come out and said she didn’t mean to defend Justin in the divorce. 

Speaking to Metro UK Davina said: “Since I had no information and I was pressed to take a stand. I didn’t mean to defend Justin in any way and not support Chrishell, that was not my intention at all.

Just because I’m neutral it does not mean I don’t support her and I absolutely do support her.

Selling Sunset: How Old Is Davina?

Another thing that has raised questions is how old Davina actually is. According to Selling Sunset and the internet, Davina is 30-years-old. However, many fans have been left wondering if this is the case. 

One fan, (who really should look into working for MI5) found Davina’s old University year book and it appears that Davina may not be the age she says she is after all.


Eagle-eyed fans realised this was Davina’s junior yearbook graduation, but even so, if she graduated as a junior in 1998, it would make her 42 in 2020.

Another thing which has been raising questions is that Davina got her real estate license in 2006. If she is 30 years old, it would mean she would have just been 16 years old at the time of receiving it.

Well, however old Davina is, she’s definitely looking youthful!

Who Is Davina Portraz’s Boyfriend?

Although Davina is involved in a lot of drama in the show, she is very quiet about her personal life. This leaves many people wondering about her relationship status. It turns out Davina is in a relationship with long-term boyfriend Alex. 

The couple are very private, so the smaller details are unknown. However, if you do some Instagram stalking, you can see a few posts she has of Alex and the couple look very happy together!

Did Davina Sell the 75 Million Dollar House?

 The question on everybody’s lips. Aside from the Chrishell and Justin drama, another top storyline of the show was the 75 million dollar listing. With 1 acre of land, 9 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms (yes you heard that right) has Davina finally managed to sell the property?

The $75 million Beverly Hills listing caused a lot of drama in the series with Davina practically having to beg her boss Jason to take on the property from mogul Adam Sen. Everyone in the real estate world knows that’s a big deal! The saga also caused drama in the office, with many believing Jason’s ego would be bruised if Davina succeeded. Anyhow, it made great TV for us! 

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Quietly Listed – 1021 N. Beverly Dr. – $75 Million — A sprawling Beverly Hills contemporary estate on over 1 acre of land, recently completed with meticulous attention to design and detail. Developed by Sen Properties, the 7 beds, 10 baths main residence boasts 15,605 sq. ft. of stylish living spaces including an elegant foyer, top-of-the-line chef’s kitchen, sleek dining and living areas, state-of-the-art movie theater and gym, wine cellar, a lavish owner’s suite with his-and-hers walk-in closets and bathrooms.. The seamless indoor/outdoor flow creates inviting spaces for entertaining and resort-style relaxation, including an outdoor kitchen and dining area, one of Beverly Hill’s biggest and most stunning pools, all while surrounded by lush landscaping and a huge grassy yard. Other unique features include an impressive futuristic automated awning surrounding the property which can control the natural ambient lighting, and a separate 2,690 sq. ft. guesthouse with 2 beds, 2 baths, completing this superbly private compound.

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After doing some snooping, we found that the listing still appears to be on the Oppenheim Group Website, so we’re guessing the answer is no, it hasn’t been sold. But who knows what will happen in Season 4!

Selling Sunset Season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.