RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is a firm favourite with fans of the franchise, with some incredible queens from previous seasons returning for a second chance to win the crown. Season 6 of All Stars features a range of queens from previous seasons. However, this season appears to feature a lot of queens from season 11. This includes Scarlet Envy. Many fans on the show disappointed where she finished in her season, as they expected her to go further. In her entrance to All Stars 6, Scarlett said, “All Stars wants me, and the feeling is mutual.” Which is the title of her song, ‘The Feeling is Mutual’. So who is Scarlet Envy Drag Family, and what can we expect this season?

Scarlett Envy

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Who is Scarlet Envy?

Scarlet was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Where her two moms raised her, both called Cherry. Before going to college in New York to study art and fashion. Allowing her the ability to create her own looks in Season 11 with no hot glue involved. Scarlet now lives in New York full time. Envy is known for her memorable quotes, unique personality and her farewell message in season 11. The lipstick message said, “You know she loves a mirror, and she loves you too. Meet you on the late night dance floor. XOXO Scarlet”

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Who is Scarlet Envy Drag Family?

Pearl from season 7 of Drag Race is Scarlet’s drag mother. It wasn’t actually mentioned on the show due to Pearl and RuPaul having a strained relationship. It’s alleged that RuPaul said, ‘Nothing you say matters unless that camera is rolling’ after Pearl proclaimed her love for the drag superstar. The judges were always calling Pearl out for being lazy and not interested during the season. Scarlet advised MTV back in 2019 that her drag mother is super supportive of her. Even lending her a bodysuit or two.

Although Scarlett is known to be the drag daughter of Pearl in the drag universe. It seems Scarlet is still keen to go on All Stars. With her happy go lucky attitude through her short time on season 11. Fans are also keen to know what her Drag mother has to say about her going on yet another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race; however, this has not been publically advised.

It appears that Pearl is currently the only member of the Scarlet Envy Drag Family.

Scarlet Envy Drag Family

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Where did she place in Season 11?

Scarlett finished in 10th place in her season. Some Reddit users speculating this was due to her public drag daughter-mother relationship with Pearl. Envy auditioned for Drag Race 4 times. Until finally being selected for season 11. After her early elimination, fans can’t wait to see what she looks like she pulls out of the bag in All Stars 6. She will be competing with some of the fellow season 11 queens. Who are A’keria C Davenport, Ra’Jah O’Hara, and Silky Nutmeg Ganache. As well as other fan favourites from the last 13 seasons.


Although RuPaul might not be a fan of Scarlet’s drag mother, we can’t wait to see where Scarlet Envy places in All-Stars 6.