Say I do has finally arrived on Netflix, and we are delighted. The new romance show is hosted by Jeremiah Brent and has already grown a huge following.

Unlike the usual dating shows we see on Netflix, Say I do focuses on long-term couples who, for many reasons have not yet tied the knot. There are no blind dates or awkward silences in this show – it is full on, fast-paced wedding planning!

Jeremiah Brent couldn’t be a more perfect host for the show. With his design expertise, and history of reality TV productions, he definitely knows what he’s doing.

If you haven’t yet watched new Netflix hit Say I do, you may not be familiar with Jeremiah Brent. So, we’re going to take a closer a look at Netflix host Jeremiah.

Netflix Say I do: what is the show about?

Say I do is the latest romance show to hit streaming platform Netflix. The wedding themed show is from the creators of Queer Eye, another popular unscripted show featured on Netflix.

Jeremiah Brent is one of three hosts on Say I do. Thai Nguyen, and Gabriele Bertaccini also star along side him. This dream team have only been on our screens since last week and we already can’t get enough of them.

In each episode of the unscripted show we meet a different long-term couple who want to get married. The team, lead by Jeremiah, help plan the couples dream wedding, in – less than a week!

So, what makes Say I do so binge-worthy?

Well, the catch to the Netflix show, is that only one half of the couple knows about the wedding plan. Yes, the other half has a huge surprise at the end of the episode when they find out they are getting married! Added to that, it is planned by three experts in interior design, fashion, and catering – amazing!

In Say I do, we see Jeremiah Brent create some absolutely stunning weddings for these lucky couples, but what do we actually know about the new Netflix host?

Who is Jeremiah Brent?

Jeremiah Brent is not only the host of new show Say I do. He has actually featured in several reality TV productions. One of which, is his own hit show Nate and Jeremiah by Design, where he stars alongside his husband.

Jeremiah is a total family man and has been married to his reality TV co-host husband Nate Berkus since 2014. The couple have two children together, and Jeremiah frequently shares adorable photos of the family on his Instagram page.

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Before featuring on Netflix Say I do and becoming a reality TV star, Jeremiah was a high-school graduate who moved to LA at the young age of nineteen. In fact, during that time he lived in a shelter for homeless teens, which, of course, he helped redesign!

The interior designer had his big break in 2011 when he featured on The Rachel Zoe project as Rachel’s styling expert.

Since then, Jeremiah has become a regular on our TV screens, and we hope to see much more of him on Say I do!

If you want to know more about new Say I do host Jeremiah Brent, you can join his followers on Instagram!