Rachel Finni was a late arrival to the villa, but she’s made some serious waves since she arrived. Not only did she choose to get rid of chuggs from the villa. But the 29-year-old made her feelings clear about Brad. But before she dramatically entered the villa, what was Rachel Love Island job and what else is there to know about her.

Rachel Love Island Job
Rachel Love Island | Screengrab

Rachel Love Island Job

Like most contestants, fans were curious in finding out what Rachel Love Island job was before the show. Rachel Finni from London works as a luxury travel specialist. This involves looking after VIP clients, offering them special deals and discounts, and getting them to book directly via you as opposed to directly with travel agents of this field, earning huge amounts in commission.

On Love Island, Rachel speaks fondly of her job and from what she’s said, it sounds great! With her job requiring her to know luxury holidays, she also gets to take them and bask in the sun. Working as a Luxury Travel Agent has provided her with many experiences with celebrities, including George Clooney and his wife, Amal.

She is unsure if it will be a job she wants to go back to after Love Island.

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Why did Rachel decide to go on Love Island?

Rachel decided to put her job as a luxury travel specialist on hold and head into the villa. The 29-year-old advises that it’s a great way to find someone to marry her. She says that she’s always been a big fan of the show, and it’s a great way to find love during the last year of her 20’s.

When speaking to ITV, Rachel advises, “I’ve scraped the bottom of the dirtiest barrels. That’s how I describe my dating life. So I thought, ‘why not? Let’s apply. If it happens, it happens.”

Although Rachel may not have found love in the villa yet, it seems pretty much all of the internet has fallen in love with her. With one fan stating, “Rachel is 29?! More like TWENTY FINE!!”

Is Rachel on social media?

Like all of the Love Island stars, the 29-year-old from London has Instagram, where since she has entered the villa has racked up 22.4k followers on Instagram. However, before her Love Island journey, Rachel never really posted on the gram. With only 30 posts to date. She also appears to have Twitter but not yet posted on this. You can find Rachel at @rayfinn on Instagram.

With Rachel settled in the villa, we can’t wait to see what is next for her.