Karamo Brown makes up one fifth of the Queer Eye Fab Five. The Fab Five’s jobs are to help others improve their lives, but what about their lives? We all love a nose into the secret lives of our favourite celebrities, and here we’re going to look into Karamo’s. Hardcore fans may already know he has a partner, but does Queer Eye’s Karamo have a husband? 

Here we tell you everything you need to know about Karamo, his (soon-to-be) husband, and what really happened to the wedding. 

Who is Karamo Brown?

For those of you who aren’t avid Queer Eye fans, who is Karamo Brown? And what was he doing before Queer Eye?

Karamo is the culture expert on Queer Eye. He helps the heroes with their personal lives, just like a life coach. In the most recent series, he helped hero Tyreek reunite with his childhood guardian with whom he had lost touch. Before his career in showbiz, he previously worked as a social worker, helping him land his role in Queer Eye.

However, he actually hates being called a ‘culture expert.’ He told Insider ‘culture’ is too vague of a word and doesn’t properly denote or explain his work on the show. He said he would rather be called a life coach or the show’s ‘therapist.’ However, the directors wanted to stick to the expert titles for the Fab Five from the original ‘Queer Eye: For The Straight Guy.’ 

Karamo was no stranger to the small screen before his role on Queer Eye. His television career actually began back in 2004 when he was 23 years old. He appeared on MTV’s reality show The Real World: Philadelphia where he became the first openly gay black man cast on in a reality show. 

Aside from his showbiz career, he is also a father of two boys, – Jason and Chris, – but it wasn’t until 10 years ago that Karamo learnt he was father to the eldest: Jason. He took full custody of his son and also adopted Jason’s half brother Chris.

Who is Queer Eye Karamo’s husband?

Karamo has been engaged to his boyfriend Ian Jordan since 2018, but are the pair married yet? 

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The couple were due to get married this year, however the coronavirus pandemic forced them to postpone to a later date. But they didn’t let COVID stop the fun: instead of getting wed, Karamo re-proposed to Ian on his birthday!

So, where did the couple meet? Unlike Karamo, Ian’s work is done behind the camera as an assistant director. According to IMBD, he has worked on many well known children’s TV shows. He served as a talent coordinator on  Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh, and as a second assistant director on Disney Channel TV shows including That’s So Raven and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. 

So, how did the couple meet? Although they are both in the TV industry, the couple did not meet at work. They actually first met outside a club in West Hollywood.  In an interview with Martha Stewart Weddings, Karamo said he was so taken by Jordan that he went up behind him and physically picked him up. “He literally started hitting my head and said, ”Put me down!”, remembers Karamo. “The joke we tell now is that I swept him off his feet.”

He also said he knew they’d get married from day one. “I went home and told my whole family I met the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with, and that they’d meet him tomorrow.” Well, you weren’t wrong there Karamo!

Are the rest of the Fab Five married?

So we know all about Karamo and his relationship status, but what about the rest of the Fab Five? Are any of the Fab Five in relationships with each other?

Fans thought their dreams had come true when Antoni and Jonathan shared a snap suggesting they were an item on Instagram last year, only for the rumour to be shot down less than a month later.

After sharing the snap on Independence Day the pair both took to Twitter at the end of the month to announce the joke, breaking Queer Eye fans’ hearts all over the globe.

Antoni recently started a new relationship last October with his new boyfriend Kevin Harrington. As for Jonathan, it seems like he’s the only single one of the Queer Eye gang, but he’s definitely embracing it!

Which leaves design expert Bobby Berk and fashion expert Tan France, who are both happily married.

Fashion expert Tan France has been married to his husband Rob France since 2013. The couple previously had a long-distance relationship, however they now both reside in Utah. Tan also recently shared the good news that he had finally become an American citizen. 

Design expert Bobby Berk is also happily married to his husband Dewey Do. The couple got married as soon as it was legal. They said it was important for them to “show the world their pride through the expression of love.” 


Hopefully it won’t be long before we see another Queer Eye wedding: this time for Karamo and his soon-to-be husband Ian!

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Queer Eye season 5 is streaming now on Netflix.